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Attack on Titan Ending Explained: Did Eren Become a Bird in the Final Season of the Series?

Explaining the final chapter of Attack on Titan! Uncover the truth behind the ultimate question: Did Eren Yeager reincarnate and become a bird?


Simon Shoklevski

November 20, 2023

Attack On Titan Ending Eren Bird Mikasa Scarf Attack On Titan Ending Eren Bird Mikasa Scarf

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The conclusion of Attack on Titan hit everyone in the feels. It provided a perfect and emotional ending to the series, answering many of the lingering questions viewers had.

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However, to finish off the series, Hajime Isayama left fans with one last mystery, leading to ongoing debates within the community.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

What happened to Eren at the End of Attack on Titan?

Attack On Titan Ending Eren Vs Armin

In the ultimate showdown in Attack on Titan, we witness Mikasa soaring atop Falco's Jaw Titan to bring an end to Eren's life, becoming both the savior of humanity and Eldia. Despite Eren being the world's antagonist, he remained Mikasa's primary love interest. Thus, Mikasa carries Eren's head back to Paradis Island to give him a proper burial.

Attack On Titan Ending Mikasa Buried Eren Under Tree

In a poignant nod to the series' symbolism, Mikasa chooses to lay Eren to rest beneath the very tree where their childhood moments unfolded—the tree that signified the start of everything.

Eren and Mikasa Meet for The Last Time

Attack On Titan Ending Mikasa Holding Eren Head

Three years after the tragic events of the Rumbling and the conclusion of The Battle of Heaven and Earth, the people of Paradis Island eagerly anticipate the arrival of their Marleyan guests for the first-ever friendly discussion on peace and politics in their shared history. As Annie, Armin, and the others sail to the island, Armin becomes intrigued by a peculiar bird that joins them on their journey.

Attack On Titan Ending Armin Sees Eren Bird

Simultaneously, in honor of the impending peace, Mikasa visits Eren's grave to share how the world has transformed. During this emotional conversation, Mikasa is surprised by an unexpected visitor—a bird that may be the same one Armin encountered earlier. Astonishingly, the bird flies to Mikasa and tidies her disheveled scarf. Overwhelmed by this gesture, she quickly tears up and expresses gratitude to Eren for his enduring care.

Attack On Titan Ending Mikasa Thanking Eren Reincarnated Bird

Now, questions arise. Did Eren possibly reincarnate as that bird, or is it just another instance of Attack on Titan's symbolism?

Did Eren Reincarnate as a Bird?

Attack On Titan Ending Did Eren Reincarnate As A Bird

The speculation about Eren being the bird in Attack on Titan's ending is rooted in both Ymir's Founder powers and the interpretation of certain mythologies. Having previously woven Norse mythology into his narrative, Hajime Isayama is familiar with incorporating cultural stories, making a repetition of this theme unsurprising.

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Considering this, even after the conclusion of the manga series, fans theorize that the symbolic reincarnation of Eren is linked to the significance of birds in these mythologies. Many tales connect birds with freedom, interpreting them as symbols of rebirth. Throughout the series, numerous scenes featuring birds occurred whenever Eren or other Eldians were present, potentially serving as foreshadowing for this conclusion or simply as another metaphor within the narrative.

Attack On Titan Ending Birds

A second theory proposes that Ymir Fritz, grateful for her liberation, reincarnated Eren as a gesture of appreciation for his role in setting her free. However, a challenge with this narrative is that, while Ymir is undoubtedly powerful in the Paths, there's no on-screen evidence of her reincarnating a person. Moreover, with the removal of the Titans' curse and Ymir's demise, the existence of her creations becomes seemingly impossible. 

But who knows? Attack on Titan’s fictional world is full of surprises and the idea of Eren being the bird that fixed Mikasa’s scarf is not entirely implausible.

Attack on Titan's World After The Final Season of the Anime

Attack On Titan Ending Futuristic Paradis

The conclusion of Attack on Titan was undeniably epic, skillfully bringing the story to a perfect and highly emotional end. From the intense final battle for humanity to Mikasa's pivotal act of killing Eren and ushering in peace, the series took fans on an emotional rollercoaster that, unfortunately, reached its conclusion.

Yet, true to Attack on Titan's nature, it couldn't end without leaving fans with a lingering question to ponder. 

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All things considered, unless Hajime Isayama officially discloses whether Eren was reincarnated as a bird or not, fans will be left without a definitive answer. What they will have, however, is a topic for discussion that adds to the many reasons why this anime will remain relevant and in the minds of viewers for years to come.

Attack On Titan Ending Scene Kid Dog Finds Eren Tree

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