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Attack On Titan | The Nine Titans | Who are The Strongest Titans?

Unveil the secrets of the Nine Titans in Attack on Titan. Explore their powers, origins, and significance in the epic saga. Don't miss out!


Raimonds Lauzums

June 26, 2023

Attack on Titan Ymir Nine Titans Attack on Titan Ymir Nine Titans
By: Simon Shoklevski

The Titans are powerful and huge human-like creatures that are created for nothing but destruction. The strongest ones, the Titans we are interested in, are the Nine Titans.

These Titans come from Ymir Fritz, the first Founding Titan, and were later inherited by many generations of Eldians. So, let’s learn about how the Titans were created, who are the Nine Titans and what makes them special.

The Origin of The Nine Titans

It all dates back to 2000 years ago when a girl named Ymir stumbled across a large tree while hiding from her pursuers. This tree had an entrance that led to a deep waterhole and little did she know, Ymir fell into the water. There, an insect-like creature bonded with her, and Ymir transformed into the first Titan ever - The Founding Titan.

At the time of Ymir’s death, her body was eaten by her three daughters to ensure the inheritance of the Titan powers. Later, these powers were divided among nine people, marking the beginning of the story of the Nine Titans.

These powers were shared between nine Eldian noble families with the Royal Family having control of the Founding Titan. Years later, with the hunger for power getting bigger, the Great Titan Wars took place and ultimately led to the Eldians escaping to Paradis Island.

Who are the nine Titans?

9. Armored Titan

Attack On Titan Armored Titan

While the Titans themselves aren’t particularly gorgeous, we have to admit that the Armored Titan is probably the best-looking and strongest one out of all. With his muscular body covered by thick plates, he shows that he is a skilled fighter with tremendous strength and durability.

The Armored Titan's first appearance was both glorious and horrifying. We saw him at the beginning of the show when he destroyed Wall Maria and paved the way for the other Titans to enter the town. However, this was only a glimpse of his abilities as he later used hardening to create crystal claws in order to climb the walls during the Fall of Shiganshina arc.

Reiner’s Titan has a great balance of offensive and defensive attributes with the only downside being his limited speed and mobility. Also, some fans are arguing that his decision-making isn’t perfect, as he never used the before-mentioned claws in a battle.

8. Beast Titan

Attack On Titan Beast Titan

Everyone who watched Attack on Titan surely remembers the moment the Beast Titan appeared. A weird-looking Titan who’s different from what we’ve been used to. And he could even talk!

Inherited by Zeke, who comes from royal blood, the Beast Titan takes the form of a huge ape who can turn the Subjects of Ymir into Titans with nothing but a scream. However, for this transformation to take place, those people must have previously consumed Zeke’s spinal fluid.

The other ability that the Beast Titan is known for, is its precise and powerful throwing abilities. It’s fascinating how this characteristic is not coincidental since we also see how Zeke grew up by playing catch with Tom Ksaver, the former Beast Titan.

This ability, combined with that of turning people into Titans who follow his commands, makes Zeke’s Beast Titan a force that can easily make someone think twice before attacking.

7. Cart Titan

Attack On Titan Cart Titan Outside

The Cart Titan is a four-legged, agile, and durable Titan that can be very useful in both defending fellow soldiers and wiping out enemies. While the rest of the Titans are created for nothing but fighting and destruction, the Cart Titan is here to provide the soldiers with transport and carrying of weapons such as the anti-Titan canon. For example, saving Zeke from Levi’s rage was one of the most critical moments in the war between the Marleyan and Eldian soldiers.

Attack On Titan Cart Titan With Weapons

This is probably the most active Titan of them all. With its endurance, its inheritor, Pieck Finger, has the ability to maintain the Titan form for weeks while tirelessly running across the battlefield. However, by doing this, Pieck has a problem with walking properly on two legs and she occasionally resorts to walking on all fours even when not in her transformed state.

6. Jaw Titan

Attack On Titan Jaw Titan Ymir

Attack On Titan Jaw Titan Porco

Just like the Cart Titan, this is another very agile Titan that runs on all fours and brings devastation to the enemies. The Jaw Titan is the smallest out of the other 8 but is by no means not powerful. As a matter of fact, with the huge strength of his jaw, it was the only Titan that could break the War Hammer’s crystal.

Apart from its strong jaw, this Titan has very sharp claws that are giving him many fighting and maneuvering advantages. However, facing a bigger Titan can be a problem, which can be seen on many occasions.

An interesting fact is that we can see four different people who inherit the Jaw Titan throughout the series. Chronologically, it starts with Marcel Galliard, then Ymir, Porco Galliard, and ends with Falco Grice. All of these had different versions of the Titan, with Falco’s being the only one that could fly.

5. War Hammer Titan

Attack On Titan War Hammer Titan

The War Hammer Titan is not someone we’ve watched a lot or know much about. It’s a Titan that was inherited within the Tybur family for generations until Eren forcefully took its power in the Raid of Liberio.

In this fight, the War Hammer Titan’s abilities are revealed. From what we could see, this Titan is covered in a crystal-like body and has the ability to create any type of weapon, including the War Hammer.

The War Hammer Titan has two very unique characteristics. The first one is that it is the only Titan that can wield a weapon and effectively use it in a battle, and the second one is that it is remotely controlled. What this means is that the person who inherits the Titan is covered in a crystal-like egg that’s connected to the body which allows for the creation of many Titan bodies until the crystal is destroyed.

4. Female Titan

Attack On Titan Female Titan

Inherited by Annie Leonheart, the Female Titan was one of the main characters of the first season who later made a comeback in the final season of Attack on Titan. The Female Titan is a fighter who is proficient in martial arts which makes her great on the offense.

This Titan has the unique ability to mimic the powers of the other Titans. She uses Zeke’s ability to control Pure Titans by screaming in order for them to help her. Also, she can mimic the Armored Titan's ability to use hardening to defend certain weak points on her body.

3. Attack Titan

Attack On Titan Attack Titan

As probably the most important Titan in the whole story, the Attack Titan takes center stage in the series. The main reason why this Titan is so important is the fact that the inheritor can see future memories. By doing this, he can see what the future holds and know what needs to be done in order to achieve freedom.

A great hint of this power was when, in a flashback scene, Eren Kruger tells Grisha to save Mikasa and Armin (who weren’t even born at that time). Later, in one of the biggest plot twists in anime, we learn that Eren Yeager used the power to manipulate everyone in order to perfectly set the stage for the Rumbling.

Aside from this, the Attack Titan is a fighter who can quickly regenerate himself and even create crystal hardening to protect his body.

2. Colossus Titan

Attack On Titan Colossus Titan

The Colossus Titan is the biggest one of them all. Standing at around 60 meters or 200 feet, it’s a huge walking human-like creature that brings nothing but devastation. The fans meet him for the first time in the very first episode when Berthold’s Colossal Titan started the Fall of Shiganshina.

While a slow and not very agile fighter, the Colossus Titan stands out with his size and his ability to produce hot steam around himself in order to stay protected from sword attacks. Also, transforming into this Titan creates an explosion so big that it can destroy towns.

At first, since Bertholdt attacked Shiganshina, the Colossal Titan is clearly seen as an enemy of the main characters. However, he gets defeated in the third season and the Titan is inherited by none other than Armin. With the Colossus Titan power on their side, the people of Paradis get a huge advantage in their battles that take place in the fourth season of Attack on Titan.

1. The Founding Titan

Attack On Titan Founding Titan

The one that rules them all.

The Founding Titan is inherited by Eren Yeager and is the most powerful and biggest Titan in the world. It has the power to control and even create other Titans, it can manipulate with the memories of the Eldian people and also talk to them telepathically.

As we can see in the final season, Eren Yeager is using these powers to command the army of Colossal Wall Titans to march onto Marley and also create many different types of Titans that fight on his behalf. A power so fearsome that it remains completely unchallenged.

Can someone beat the Founding Titan? We will find out in Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3.

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