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Dragon Ball Summary - The Ultimate Guide


Manuel Albuera, Jr.

April 22, 2022

Dragon Ball Dragon Ball
Author: Saad Dhillon

Known as one of the best anime ever, the Dragon Ball series has been serving its fans since forever. Released on February 26, 1986, the series first aired on Fuji TV. Even since its release date, the Dragon Ball series has never gotten irrelevant. Hence, we are going to talk about the absolute summary of the Dragon Ball series.

From Dragon Ball to Dragon Ball Super, let’s talk about how Dragon Ball became one of the most popular anime series of all time.

The Humble Beginnings

Started as a manga, Dragon Ball is written by Akira Toriyama. After a while, the series got its anime Adaption. The Dragon Ball storyline was inspired by another Chinese novel known as Journey to the west. It was known as one of the best martial arts films in Hong Kong.

Initially, the manga was illustrated and written by Akira Toriyama. Moreover, the series was serialized into the Weekly Shonen Jump for a little over ten years. At some point, the Dragon Ball manga got its anime adaption by Toei Animation. They decided to split the series into two parts. Hence, that gave birth to Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. So, let’s talk about the Dragon Ball series first.

Dragon Ball - Goku Growing Up

The first anime adaption to Akira Toriyama’s manga, the Dragon Ball series consisted of 153 episodes. Each episode ran for 20 minutes. The series ran on Fuji TV from February 26, 1986, to April 12, 1989. However, at some point, the series was overtaken by Dragon Ball Z when Goku grew up.

Initially, the Dragon Ball series was known as Dragon Boy. Moreover, the main character’s name was Tangtong. The storyline incorporates Tangtong’s struggles and adventure to save the princess and return her to the homeland safely. However, the series didn’t live up to everyone’s hype, and Akira Toriyama decided it to be unique, hence, giving birth to the DragonBall series.

This re-adoption of Dragon Boy became instantly popular, and shounen fans from all over the world loved it. In the DragonBall series, except Goku, everyone’s personalities were changed. So, it’s good to know how Goku is still the same as the Dragon Boy Series. With more than four movies and a total of 9 sagas, the anime series still lives up to its hype. Therefore, let’s talk about the Dragon Ball storyline and sagas.

The Plot of Dragon Ball

The anime begins with a young boy named Goku. This boy resembled a lot to a monkey with an actual tail! Initially, Goku was known to be an evil being. However, as soon as he lost all his memories, he became someone else. Befriending another lead character called Bulma, they both go on a quest to find the seven Dragon Balls.

Gathering all the seven balls will allow them to summon an eternal dragon called Shenron who will grant the summoner’s greatest desire. The whole story introduced Goku to other characters such as Yamcha, the desert bandit, a shapeshifting pig named Oolong, Pu’ar who is Yamcha’s companion, and a little girl named Chi-Chi who later became Goku’s wife.

When Oolong stops a blue Imp named Emperor Pilaf from asking something evil from those Dragon Balls, that’s where the real plot begins. Goku trained with Krillin who was introduced as another protagonist of the Dragon Ball series. Along with Master Roshi who became their teacher, both students learned the art of martial art.

To fight the World Martial Arts Tournament, Goku and his companions all trained their best. Even though Krillin was an enemy of Goku, they both later became best friends. When the tournament ends, Goku sets off on his journey to collect a Dragon Ball that his late grandfather left him, the four star Dragon Ball. However, life wasn’t so easy for Goku. He encounters a terrorist organization named the Red Ribbon Army. Commander Red, the ruthless leader of the Red Ribbon Army wants those Dragon Balls to become taller. And that’s where the main story begins.

All of the Dragon Ball Sagas

Having 9 sagas, Dragon Ball has over 150 episodes. Each episode runs for 20 minutes, it only becomes interesting with time. Hence, let’s talk about the Dragon Ball sagas from one to nine, and how Goku turns adversity into his strength.

  1. Emperor Pilaf Saga
    Dragon Ball

    The first Dragon Ball saga, also known as The Saga of Goku, this saga was the first time where Goku meets Bulma. One day, he was finishing all his work, and he instantly got rammed by the car of Bulma. A young teenage girl was surprised at how Goku survived that crash. Initially, Goku, being as dumb as he was, thought that the car was some kind of monster that attacked him. However, Bulma explained the whole scenario to him.

    When Bulma went to Goku’s house to eat a fish with him, she saw the glowing Dragon Ball that she’s been hunting for so long. At first, Bulma decided to steal it from Goku, however, he didn’t let Bulma take the Dragon Ball. Hence, Bulma explained the whole thing to Goku. Upon hearing the truth about Shenron and how the dragon can make any wish, Goku decided to find all the other Dragon Balls with Bulma.

    Right when Goku and Bulma were going on their quest, they saw a sea turtle suffering and decided to help him by defeating the Bear Thief. When both Goku and Bulma came back from this mini-quest, the turtle introduced his master known as Master Roshi. Upon seeing the whole scenario, Roshi gave Goku the Flying Nimbus as a reward. Moreover, after Bulma showed her underwear to Roshi (introducing the long running gag of Master Roshi being a pervert), she got a Dragon Ball.

    This was the first Dragon Ball Saga where Goku and Bulma found their first Dragon Ball.

    • Goku vs Oolong

      After three days, Goku and Bulma ended up in the Aru Village. The village was in chaos due to a shapeshifter known as Oolong. This shapeshifter was responsible for kidnapping the girls, and thus Goku decided to take Oolong head-on. After being captured by Oolong, Goku fought and defeated Oolong in such a short time. In the end, Oolong was revealed as a pig with shapeshifting abilities. After freeing all the daughters of the village, Bulma was given another Dragon Ball by Grandma Paozu

    • Goku vs Yamcha

      After losing their vehicle, Goku, Bulma, and Oolong ended up in a desert called Diable Desert. After Bulma passed out due to too much heat, the team was attacked by Yamcha and his pet named Puar. That’s where Goku vs Yamcha happened.

      It was revealed that Goku was the grandson of the legendary martial artist known as Gohan. After losing to Goku, Yamcha decides to rob their Dragon Balls. However, failing miserably, he had a rematch with Goku and got his teeth broken. That’s where he decided to let them go by offering a car with an inbuilt tracker.

    • Encounter with Emperor Pilaf

      Aside from Goku and Bulma, a blue-skinned small man was also in the search for Dragon Ball. Along with his companions named Shu and Mai, they decided to steal all the Dragon Balls from Goku. In countless failed attempts, they got all the Dragon Balls at some point in the series. Right when Pilaf was going to make his wish come true, Oolong interferes and asks for a Woman’s panties. The most comfortable undergarments the world can offer. Being enraged at our heroes, Pilaf traps Goku and the team into the castle.

    • Goku Becomes an Ape

      Amidst all the chaos, Goku tells everyone a story about the great ape. How that great ape destroyed his Grandfather’s life. After looking at the moon for some time, Goku becomes senseless, ultimately getting turned into a great ape. That’s where the first arc finishes. The next morning, Goku is naked with no tail. Hence, Goku decides to train with Master Roshi, ultimately saying goodbye to all his friends.

  2. Tournament Saga
    Dragon Ball

    The second saga where Goku trains and becomes powerful for the first time was full of powerful events that turned Goku into a whole other person. Therefore, let’s talk about all of the events that happened in this saga.

    • School Training by Master Roshi

      Goku begging Master Roshi to train him, Roshi instantly refused him saying that he hasn’t trained anyone in a long time. After a while, we get to see Krillin coming to train as well. Being a pervert, Master Roshi told them to bring him a girl. That’s where Goku and Krillin kidnapped a girl called Launch.

      Hence, Master Roshi decided to train both of them. Going through rigorous training for 8 months, Goku met all of his friends and decided to enter the World Martial Arts tournament. The plot contains a lot of fights but the final fight was Goku vs Jackie Chun. Another powerful enemy that was going for Goku.

    • Goku vs Jackie Chun - The Final Fight

      The best Kamehameha battle ever, Goku fights off Jackie Chun. Desperate to win, when he was about to lose, he saw the moon. Hence, as always, Goku turned into the great ape. Everyone was surprised. However, using the great Kamehameha wave, Jackie Chun destroys the moon and Puar transforms into a scissor to cut Goku’s tail. After the final fight, Goku and Jackie Chun both fall to the ground. However, Jackie Chun wins the fight by ultimately standing and making a name for himself.

      But an interesting turn of events, Jackie Chun was Master Roshi himself.

  3. The Red Ribbon Army Saga
    Dragon Ball

    The third Saga where it was all about Red Ribbon vs Goku, the series starts with Goku vs Colonial Silver. Helping Pilaf and his team, Goku encounters the Red Ribbon Army who is also looking for the Dragon Balls.

    In this Saga, Goku fights Silver, attacks the muscle tower, fights ninja Murasaki, and at the end, he encounters Android 8 who looks similar to Frankenstein. The ultimate weapon of the Red Ribbon Army. However, Android 8 hates violence and decides not to follow the Red Ribbon Army. The whole encounter with the Red Ribbon Army was about stealing the Dragon Balls. But in the end, Goku tracks them down and rides the Flying Nimbus to collect all of the other remaining Dragon Balls.

  4. General Blue Saga
    Dragon Ball

    One of the best and fourth saga of the Dragon Ball series, General Blue is the primary antagonist of this saga. The saga initiates with Bulma trying to get her Dragon Ball radar fixed. After getting the radar fixed, it shows that the Dragon Ball is somewhere underwater.

    That’s where the team decides to take Master Roshi’s submarine to find the Dragon Ball. In the underwater hunt, our heroes along with Krillin encounter General Blue, a narcissistic general who loves himself more than anything.

    • Goku vs General Blue

      At first, General Blue paralyzes Goku with his abilities. However, being disgusted by a rodent, Blue encounters a mental breakdown, casting off the spell on Goku. In conclusion to the fight, Goku becomes the winner, and he collects the Dragon Ball, then leaves the cave that’s collapsing.

      In this Dragon Ball Saga, we got to see a guest appearance from another title called Dr. Slump. The main character from Dr. Slump’s title, Arale saves Goku from General Blue who almost killed Goku again. The quest wasn’t done just yet. Goku and the team decide to go for other Dragon Balls.

  5. Commander Red Saga
    Dragon Ball

    This saga is initiated by the Red Ribbon Army again. Commander Red, being the boss, decides to hire mercenary Tao for the sole purpose of getting the Dragon Balls from Goku. After arriving at Goku, Tao killed random civilians, encouraging Goku to fight him. To Goku’s surprise, Tao was no joke either.

    In the land of Korin, Goku decides to climb the tower to Korin to revive Upa’s father who got killed because of Goku. When Goku struggled a lot and reached the top of the tower, it was revealed that Korin was a cat. In this arc, we saw Goku vs Korin as well. Moreover, getting the water from Korin was not an easy job. Even master Roshi struggled for 3 years to steal the water from Korin.

    Mercenary Tao appears again in this arc and decides to get the Dragon Ball from Goku. By defeating Tao, Goku heads directly to the Red Ribbon Army’s headquarters to get the balls. Now, there’s only one Dragon Ball left in the storyline, however, the Dragon radar shows no result at all.

    That’s when the team decides to go towards Roshi’s house.

  6. Fortune Teller Baba’s Saga
    Dragon Ball

    In the need to find the last Dragon Ball, Roshi suggests Goku visit his sister who is a Fortune Teller. Along with Upa and all the gang, Goku decides to set off on the journey. However, they all must train and defeat the five Baba’s warriors to get to the location of the last Dragon Ball.

    The last fight with Emperor Pilaf was done here. After defeating the Baba’s fighters, the location of the seventh Dragon Ball was revealed to be with Pilaf and his squad in a Dragon Radar Proof box. With Goku and the team fighting with Pilaf, they got the last Dragon Ball and headed towards the Korin Tower to make the wish. By successfully resurrecting Upa’s father, it was a happy ending until Goku got a hold of the four-star Dragon Ball and went away with it.

  7. Tien Shinhan’s Saga
    Dragon Ball

    The 22nd Martial Arts tournament where Goku fought one of the deadliest fighters, this saga is comedy and action-centric, making it one of the best Dragon Ball sagas of all time. In this saga, we were introduced to Tien Shinhan along with his companion Chiaotzu. Fighting for the evil, Tien and Chiaotzu manipulated the results where Chiaotzu ended up fighting Krillin, and Tien ended up fighting Jackie Chun.

    But the final fight between Goku and Tien was something that changed the whole Dragon Ball storyline. The conclusion of the fight was Tien winning, however, dissatisfied with his win, Tien wanted to give Goku half of the prize money. That’s where Tien decided to change for the best. Living with Master Roshi and becoming friends with Yamcha, it was all a happy ending with this Arc.

  8. King Piccolo Saga
    Dragon Ball

    One of the most popular Dragon Ball sagas that turned the whole story upside down, the story starts after the Tien Shinhan saga. This arc incorporates Goku’s fight with King Piccolo and the birth of King Piccolo Jr.

    After going for the celebration of the World Tournament, Goku remembers that he forgot his power pole and the four-star Dragon Ball. Upon coming to the stadium, Goku sees Krillin’s body. The announcer tells him that there was a scary monster that killed him.

    King Piccolo, the king of Earth was an evil one. After having Krillin killed, he retrieved all the Dragon Ball and summoned Shenron. After becoming young again, Piccolo received his powers, becoming the strongest villain Goku has ever encountered.

    In the conclusion fight, Goku’s words were It’s time for your terror to end! Landing one last punch through Piccolo’s gut, Goku killed the King, however, before his death, King Piccolo spits out his last egg. That egg gave birth to his son and his reincarnation called Piccolo Jr.

  9. Piccolo Jr. Arc
    Dragon Ball

    This arc is about our grown-up Goku. This Dragon Ball timeline skipped the three years where Goku trained off like crazy. At 18 years old, he decides to fight the World Martial Arts tournament again. That’s where he encounters Chi Chi who was mad at him for never marrying her.

    The fight ended with them becoming official. However, Goku always thought that marrying was something to eat. After all the deadly fights in this tournament, Goku vs Piccolo Jr. is the last one. One of the strongest beings trying to fight Goku, Goku wins by knocking Piccolo out of the stadium.

    With this happy ending, Goku marries Chi-Chi, and all the Dragon Ball fans loved the moment.

    This was Dragon Ball Summary in the most concise way possible. After Dragon Ball, we got the sequel series called Dragon Ball Z. Therefore, let’s talk about Dragon Ball Z Storyline and how it became one of the most widely known series ever.

Dragon Ball Z - The Long-Running Sequel to Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball Z had a big impact worldwide when it was initially released. Being one of the most exciting and action-packed shounen series, it incorporates 19 long sagas with 291 episodes in running. Therefore, let’s talk about the Dragon Ball Z sagas and what this series has to offer to the anime culture.

  1. Raditz Saga
    Dragon Ball

    The Raditz Saga is also known as the Saiyan Saga. The storyline follows the events that occurred after Piccolo Jr. Saga, and it was the first arc where we got to see people of the Sayian race other than Goku. The plot focuses on the arrival of Raditz on Earth. It was also the first time when we got introduced to Goku’s son who was named after his late Grandfather called Gohan.

    After fighting with Raditz, Goku was revealed that his original purpose of being on the Earth was to destroy it. After receiving all the feedback and advice from Raditz, Goku was overwhelmed. Seeing his son, Gohan out of control, Goku gets beaten by Raditz. However, after getting Picollo’s help, they both manage to beat Goku’s brother also known as Raditz, but it kills Goku as well.

    In the aftermath of this fight, Vegeta and Nappa, other elite Saiyans, decide to come to Earth to see how Raditz got killed on a lowly planet.

  2. Vegeta Saga
    Dragon Ball

    The plot in Vegeta Saga incorporates the arrival of two elite Saiyans on Earth. Goku died, however, he is instantly sent to the otherworld where he trains with King Kai to become crazy strong. That’s where Goku learns two tricks. The Kaioken and the Spirit bomb.

    Moreover, after getting resurrected by Master Roshi, Goku goes to Earth with full speed, only coming to know that Tien, Yamcha, Chiaotzu, and Piccolo have died. That’s where he destroys Raditz and fights Vegeta. In the long fight between Goku and Vegeta, Goku manages to win but decides to let Vegeta go. Even though Krillin wanted to kill Vegeta, Goku told him to not do this. That’s where the saga ends.

  3. Namek Saga - Frieza Saga
    Dragon Ball

    The third saga from the Dragon Ball Z series, this part incorporates Goku’s mission to collect the Dragon Balls from Planet Namek to resurrect all of his friends who died fighting Vegeta and Nappa.

    Before the arrival, we saw all the Frieza drama, and how Frieza used Saiyans and destroyed the whole race afterward. After Goku arrives at Namek, he sees Gohan, Krillin, Vegeta, and Bulma suffering. But this was the ultimate character development from Goku as we got introduced to the original Super Saiyan form. Ultimately achieving the form by seeing Krillin die, Goku obliterates Frieza in the fight.

    However, Frieza manages to destroy the Planet Namek, leaving Goku with Dragon Balls. He wishes everyone for a safe return and resurrects his friends, however, it only leaves Goku and Frieza in the end. Planet Namek gets destroyed.

  4. Garlic Jr. Saga
    Dragon Ball

    After Goku and Vegeta are left absent, a new threat appears. Hence, all the Z fighters must fight to protect the Earth from a fearsome creature called Garlic Jr. With the battle on Kami’s lookout, Gohan destroys Garlic Jr. with all the rage entrapped. Ultimately leading Garlic Jr. to his demise in the prison.

  5. Trunks Saga, Android Saga, and Cell Saga
    Dragon Ball

    One of the most popular and important Dragon Ball timelines, this is the saga where Goku came back to Earth. Trunks are Vegeta’s child. However, we got to see Trunks from the future as well.

    Warning all the Z fighters about Androids and Goku’s incurable disease, he finishes off Frieza and his father who came to Earth for revenge.

    After Goku came back, he was instantly hospitalized due to the disease. However, due to enough time, they were able to cure Goku. Fighting with Android 16, 17, and 18, the series is followed up by Cell Saga where Cell managed to absorb Android 17 and 18, making him near-invincible for our Z fighters to defeat.

    Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, and all other Z fighters trained their best for the tournament that was proposed by Perfect Cell. That’s where we got to see the ascended Super Saiyan. However, failing to meet the expectations, it couldn’t compete with the cell.

    The Cell saga focused on Gohan’s growth, making him the strongest one of all time. After reaching the Super Saiyan 2 level, he destroyed Cell. However, to his surprise, Cell decided to destroy the Earth.

    In this Dragon Ball Z saga, Goku, once again, sacrificed his life for everyone and teleported to King Kai’s location. Even though the threat was gone, Goku’s sacrifice deeply saddened everyone.

  6. The World Tournament Saga and the Return of Goku
    Dragon Ball

    This timeline comes when Goku is given a couple of days to meet his family and partake in the World’s Martial Arts tournament. Surprising everyone, this saga is where everyone grew up. Goku got a new son named Goten, and Trunks also grew up.

    Amidst the world tournament fights, two suspicious warriors with an M tag on their forehead took Gohan’s power and instantly ran away. The tournament was called off, and our Z warriors were off to another great adventure.

  7. The Majin Buu Saga
    Dragon Ball

    Being everything was a creature named Babidi. Trying to resurrect an evil being known as Majin Buu, he injected the egg with Gohan’s power, and that’s how Majin Buu came into being.

    In this saga, we saw Vegeta sacrificing himself for all the Z fighters after fighting Goku with the powers he received from Goku. Almost every Z fighter’s lives were at stake here. Even though Goku had a lot less time, he decided to show everyone the power of Super Sayian 3.

    There were countless fights of Majin Buu with everyone. However, Goku showed a new technique called Fusion, and by using this technique, they were able to make Goten and Trunks the most powerful warriors on Earth. However, with Majin Buu becoming evil and getting consumed by his evil persona, we saw a whole new evil emerging for our Z fighters.

    Gohan trained himself to become the strongest warrior, he destroyed Buu at first. However, amidst all this, Buu absorbed Gotenks (fusion of Goten and Trunks) along with Piccolo. This was the peak power of Buu and at some point, he also absorbed Gohan.

    Only leaving Goku, Vegeta, and Satan. The two protagonists decided to give it a go. They did the Potara fusion for the first time and became Vegito. The unbeatable warrior that destroyed Buu.

    But even after that, Buu absorbed Vegito, and it turned out that Buu was in his original form. Known as Kid Buu. Goku finishes Kid Buu with a final Spirit Bomb, and there, we get to see the peaceful world saga.

Dragon Ball GT - The Non-Cannon Series

The shortest Dragon Ball series that didn’t live up to its hype, Dragon Ball GT only had 64 episodes. The storyline wasn’t canon, meaning that these events never occurred. Hence, we are going to get deep into the story.

In Dragon Ball GT, we saw events that occurred after the Dragon Ball Z timeline. For the first time, we were introduced to Super Saiyan 4 and the fearsome Dragons that came from the Dragon Balls.

Dragon Ball Super - The Actual Sequel to Dragon Ball Z

The final Dragon Ball season that ran from 2015 to 2018, Dragon Ball Super follows the storyline of events that occurred after Dragon Ball Z. With a total of 289 episodes, we got to see one of the best action scenes and new power levels for our heroes. Therefore, let’s talk about what Dragon BBall Super’s storyline has to offer for the fans.

  1. Beerus Saga
    Dragon Ball

    Based on the movie, Beerus Saga was the first thing that happened in Dragon Ball Super. It illustrates the arrival of Beerus and Whis, the ultimate God of Destruction with unrivaled power.

    After Beerus saw a dream of fighting the original Super Saiyan God, he instantly came to Earth to fight Goku. In a panic, Goku and the crew decided to summon Shenron to ask about what a Super Saiyan God is.

    From achieving the Super Saiyan God transformation to fighting with Beerus and almost winning, this Saga is hailed to be one of the best Dragon Ball Super’s arc ever. Hence, officially, Goku became the second strongest guy in the whole universe. However, Vegeta wasn’t happy with this.

  2. Golden Frieza Saga
    Dragon Ball

    We all know that Frieza will never forgive the Saiyans, right? This arc is based on another movie known as Ressurection of Frieza. The main motive of Frieza in this saga was to take his ultimate revenge on Goku and Vegeta.

    Training for a couple of months, Frieze got his new power. However, on the flip side, even our main characters achieved a new power called Super Saiyan Blue. This arc was full of action-filled with a lot of nostalgia. From Gohan to Master Roshi, everyone tried their luck in fights.

    Ultimately, Goku and Vegeta fought with Frieza, however, Frieza had no chance of fighting them in the first place. Even with his newly achieved power, he couldn’t stand a chance against our heroes. Therefore, Frieza did the absolute expected. He punched the Earth and it ended up destroying everyone. However, Beerus’ assistant and angel, Whis saved our main characters with his magic.

    Given a second chance, Goku and Vegeta didn’t lose any hope. Frieza was once again defeated.

  3. The Universe 6 Saga
    Dragon Ball

    The second official saga from Dragon Ball super series incorporates a tournament between universe 6 and 7. Beerus’ brother, Champa decides to challenge him for a fight. And that’s where our main character trained and partake in the fight.

    The fights between these characters offered a lot of action. We got introduced to a lot of characters as well. Frost from Universe 6 was able to defeat most of the people without much trouble. Even Goku was defeated like he was nothing.

    In the last fight, an amateur fighter named Monaka was fighting off Hit. However, not being satisfied with his fights, Hit decided to lose on purpose, making the Universe 7 winners of the battle.

    Amidst all this, we got introduced to the God of everything. A playful little creature called Zeno. He instantly becomes a friend with Goku. This saga is the prequel to the Future Trunks saga.

  4. Future Trunks Saga
    Dragon Ball

    This saga incorporates the betrayal of supreme kai’s assistant known as Zamasu. At first, we saw Future Trunks returning to the past, panicking in fear. Upon getting his senses back, he warns everyone about Black Goku and how he destroyed everyone in the future.

    Our Z fighters decided to help Trunks, and in this saga, we got to see one of the best fighting scenes with Black Goku vs Goku. Even to the point where we saw Vegito coming back and destroying Black Goku and Zamasu from the past. But as the fight progressed, even Vegito had a time up due to his foolery, and that’s where the main protagonist of this arc, Future Trunks finished Zamasu and Black Goku off himself.

    In the end, we see Beerus killing Zamasu from the past, obliterating him from existence.

  5. The Universe Survival Saga
    Dragon Ball Z

    The last saga of Dragon Ball Super to this date, this universal survival saga incorporates Zeno’s decision to have a tournament between all the universes. At least, most of them. With 10 fighters coming from all universes, this saga was a completely different experience for all the Anime watchers out there.

    If a team loses, their universe will be destroyed, The rules were as simple as they could get. In the first part of this saga, we saw each universe gathering its best fighters. However, universe 11 seemed to have the most wins throughout the series.

    When it comes to universe 11, their main guy known as Jiren was unbeatable. Throughout the saga, no one could this guy. Even faster than Goku, Vegeta, and Hit combined, he was on a whole other level.

    The fight between Universe 7 vs 11 introduced us to something special. The Ultra Instinct. This new form of Goku involved little to no attention paid to the battle. However, the form itself would drive a person’s instinct, ultimately making them do the things a normal person can never do.

    The conclusion to this fight was Goku mastering the Ultra Instinct, and finishing Jiren along with Frieza. Yes! Frieza was also a part of the Universe 7s team.

    After they won the match and saw all other universes that were destroyed, they instantly wished to have them back. The super Dragon Balls knew no limits! All the universes were back, and the happy story was what finished the Dragon Ball Super’s story.


Dragon Ball has been the consistently favorite anime for most fans out there. Whether we talk about hard work, character development, life lessons, or anything, the series by Akira Toriyama has changed people’s lives.

With the excellent storyline to epic music, this summary of Dragon Ball concludes everything you need to know about the series. From Goku growing up to the Dragon Ball Recap, we tried to include as much material as we could.

Therefore, we hope you enjoy the Dragon Ball summary, and we also hope that the series will come back soon with even more awesomeness and great adventures involved. Until that time, peace!

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