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Hogwarts Legacy | List of All Mounts

Discover the exciting ways to travel and explore the magical world of Hogwarts Legacy! Check out this list of the different mounts to choose from!


Raimonds Lauzums

July 21, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Mounts Black and White Hippogriffs Hogwarts Legacy Mounts Black and White Hippogriffs
By: Alexis Askew

Fans of the original Harry Potter games know how much fun it is to ride a Hippogriff or broomstick over Hogwarts, which makes the incorporation of these mounts into Hogwarts Legacy one of the best features. Many of us spent hours flying over Hogwarts on the PS2's Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azakaban, and now, nine years later, we have the opportunity to do that once again!

Not only do these mounts make us feel nostalgic, they’re also very useful for traveling to and from locations, with each mount offering unique advantages.

Broomstick Mount

Hogwarts Legacy Mounts Broomstick

The very first form of transportation that you get to unlock is a broom. Broomsticks are unlocked early on in the game, after your very first flying class. You can then head on over to Spintwitches in Hogsmeade and purchase your first broom for 600 Galleons. There are different designs that you can purchase, but they’re purely cosmetic. However, you are able to upgrade your broom by doing three side quests for the shopkeeper, Albie Weekes.

Compared to the other mounts, the broom is easier to use but it’s slower. You have a meter that runs out faster the higher you are from the ground. While this doesn’t force you to stay close to the ground, it does encourage it.

Hippogriff Mount

Hogwarts Legacy Mounts Onyx Hippogriff

The next mount you’re able to unlock is a Hippogriff. These become available after you’ve completed the main quest The High Keep. Hippogriffs are larger, and sometimes a bit harder to control, but they offer speed and companionship, something the brooms can’t provide. Not only can you fly high above the land, you can also use them as a land mount. Most players will have a white Hippogriff named Highwing, while those who preordered Hogwarts Legacy are able to unlock the Onyx Hippogriff skin.

Graphorn Mount

Hogwarts Legacy Mounts Graphorn

Next, you can unlock a mount that is meant only for the land, a Graphorn. During San Bakar’s Trail near the end of the game, you will need to fight the Graphorn and lower its health. It’s the only mount you actually have to fight, and it’s the largest. While it isn’t very fast, it’s the only mount that you can also use in combat. It has the ability to ram into groups of enemies and deal some damage.

Thestral Mount

Hogwarts Legacy Mounts Thestral

You can unlock a Thestral at the same time you unlock the Hippogriff, after The High Keep quest, but only if you purchased the Dark Arts Pack, which is included in the Deluxe or Collectors Edition. The Thestral is a sky and land mount, just like the Hippogriff, and has the same controls. It’s a great option if you plan on going the Dark Arts route, or if you want your fellow students to assume you’re riding on thin air.

Switching Mounts

Hogwarts Legacy Changing Mount

Changing your flying mount or broom design is really simple. First, you’ll go to your pause menu and then proceed to the Gear section. On the right hand side of the screen you’ll have your Flying Mount and your Broom. Under the flying mount, you can switch between three mounts: Highwing, Caligo (which is the Onyx Hippogriff), or Sepulchria, the Thestral. Under the Broom tab, you can switch between the different broom designs that are available to purchase at Spintwitches.


Now that you know which mounts Hogwarts Legacy has to offer, you can take to the skies or the land with your favorite one! Ride your mount as a wanna-be Quidditch player, a master of the Dark Arts, or a lover of Fantastic Beasts!


What mounts can you ride in Hogwarts Legacy?

You can ride broomsticks, Hippogriffs, Graphorns, and Thestrals in Hogwarts Legacy.

How do you get other mounts in Hogwarts Legacy?

Unlock the broomstick after your first flying class. Unlock Hippogriffs after completing "The High Keep" quest. Graphorn and Thestral can be unlocked during "San Bakar's Trail," but Thestral requires the Dark Arts Pack from Deluxe or Collectors Edition.

What is the fastest mount in Hogwarts Legacy?

Hippogriffs are the fastest mounts in Hogwarts Legacy, offering speed and versatility.

Are mounts better than brooms in Hogwarts Legacy?

Mounts like Hippogriffs and Thestrals offer advantages like speed, companionship, and combat capabilities, making them preferable to brooms for some players.

How do you switch mounts in Hogwarts Legacy?

In the pause menu, go to the Gear section. Under Flying Mount, choose between Highwing, Caligo (Onyx Hippogriff), or Sepulchria (Thestral). Under the Broom tab, select different broom designs from Spintwitches.

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