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Hogwarts Legacy | Summoners Court | Tips & Tricks

Hogwarts Legacy's mini-game, Summoner's Court, is a unique and magical two-player game. Master the Accio spell and overcome various challenges for victory!


Raimonds Lauzums

August 01, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy | Summoners Court | Tips & Tricks Hogwarts Legacy | Summoners Court | Tips & Tricks
By: Alexis Askew

Hogwarts Legacy introduces a few new mini games within the wizarding world that are just as magical as Wizard’s Chess. One of these games, Summoner’s Court, is used to spice up your first Charms class and makes for a fun competitive pass time amongst classmates. Of course, they’ll boast about their win if you let them, but we have some tips and tricks to make sure you’re the one coming out on top.

What is Summoner’s Court?

Hogwarts Legacy Summoners Court

Summoner’s Court is an odd blend of games, so it’s not quite like anything you might have played before. It is a two person game where each person is assigned to one of the colored balls, red or blue. The goal of the game is to pull your ball towards you as far as you can without letting it roll off the platform.

Each colored rectangle, or zone, will grant you a certain amount of points and the closer you pull the ball towards you, the more points you receive. The red zone, and the farthest one from you, is only 10 points. From there, each zone increases in intervals of 10, and the closest one to you is worth 50 points. If there are any raised platforms, those are worth 100 points.

You are also able to knock other player’s balls off the platform, but be careful! You might just knock the ball into the next zone and give them extra points. Whatever you do, don’t let your ball fall off the platform, since you will receive no points.

Core Mechanics

Hogwarts Legacy Summoners Court Core Mechanics

The core mechanic of the game is Accio. You can assign the spell on any of your buttons before continuing. From there, you cast Accio on your chosen ball, which will be highlighted with a light glow, and then release the spell whenever you are ready. The ball will continue to roll, but slow down, after you release Accio, so time it right!

Overcoming Different Obstacles

Hogwarts Legacy Summoners Court Obstacles

There are 5 different obstacles that progressively get more difficult as you play Summoner’s Court. The first one has moving cylinders that will knock your ball off the platform, so you have to time your spell right in order to avoid them. Your best bet is to wait until the cylinder is about to reach a point in which it is farthest from your ball before quickly casting Accio.

The second obstacle are patches of rippling circles that will try to pull your ball off of the platform. You can walk around on your own raised platform and it’s best to stand at an angle where you can pull your ball towards you without it touching the ripples.

The third obstacle will have raised platforms in the middle of the playing field that will block your way. You have to cast Accio for a little bit longer, giving the ball the extra pull it needs to make it over the raised platform, but you should stop casting Accio soon after it falls off , depending on the distance from the platform to the end of the playing field, because the fall will also make it roll a bit further.

The fourth obstacle is a combination of the first and the second, but you pretty much use the same techniques. If you stand at the right angle and pull the ball towards you at the right time, you’ll succeed.

And the fifth and final obstacle involves cylinders, ripples, and raised platforms! By following these same techniques, this one should be a piece of cake despite it including all the previous obstacles. This round is unique, however, since getting the ball on top of one of the raised platforms will earn you 100 points.


Now that you know how to play, you can go out there and defeat your classmates in a friendly game of Summoner’s Court!


How to do Summoners Court in Hogwarts Legacy?

To play Summoner's Court in Hogwarts Legacy, use the Accio spell to pull your assigned colored ball (red or blue) towards you on a platform, earning points from different zones and overcoming obstacles like moving cylinders and rippling circles. Master the spell timing and aim to win against your classmates!

How can players overcome the obstacles in Summoner's Court?

Players need to time their Accio spell right to avoid moving cylinders and rippling circles, use the right angle and timing to get past raised platforms, and master techniques to succeed in each obstacle and earn points.

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