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One Piece Review: Exploring the Legendary Anime Series

One Piece is an exceptional anime with adventure, comedy, action, and fantasy. It captivates with a wondrous world and limitless potential. It follows a pirate crew led by Monkey D Luffy seeking the One Piece treasure to become the Pirate King. One Piece has been a masterclass in storytelling for over 20 years.



May 05, 2023

One Piece Intro Logo One Piece Intro Logo
By: Jose D. Pernalete

One Piece, the mere mention of that name in the anime community can bring all sorts of reactions to life, but it's surprising to see that even though it has been dominating the popularity charts and sales in the manga industry for many years now. However, surprisingly enough this division mainly stands for people who love it and people who refuse to even watch the anime or read the manga.

One Piece has endured for nearly 25 years and over 1000 episodes, cementing its status as a shonen anime classic and arguably the greatest story ever told within the genre. Despite its immense scope and sprawling timeline, however, One Piece remains immensely intimidating for newcomers to plunge into, with its vast array of characters, complex world-building, and twisting plot threads.

Yet beneath its forbidding exterior, One Piece hides a tale of unparalleled adventure, comedy, action, fantasy, and heart. At its core, it is a profoundly moving and inspirational journey. Though the road may seem endless, One Piece proves immensely rewarding for those willing to embark upon it.

Now with a legacy of over two decades, One Piece deserves recognition not just as a landmark series but as a masterclass in creative storytelling, visual storytelling, and the breathtaking potential of long-form narrative. Its greatest triumph may be that, despite everything it encompasses, it remains at heart a deeply personal and poignant story. One Piece is intimidating, yes, but intimidatingly great.

So, what is it that makes this anime so great? What keeps viewers glued to their screens and readers following the same story for so many years?

The Great Adventure

One Piece Crew Thousand Sunny

The world of One Piece is a place of wonder, endless possibilities, and infinite adventures to be had. The vast and limitless oceans that stretch in all directions, the countless islands full of colorful creatures and people, the giant skies and deep seas, there's no corner in the world that isn't filled with adventure.

In the One Piece world, if you can imagine it, it surely exists on some distant island, waiting to be found. The seas can be very dangerous, and that's why most people wouldn't even dare to set sail into the nearly uncharted water, only those who are brave or crazy enough would venture themselves into these seas, and luckily our crew of Strawhats are just that.

But before we venture into talking about our main characters, we have to talk about how it all began. Just what made all these pirates suddenly eager to sail into the sea and brave into the dangers ahead? What is it that they are all looking for behind this grand adventure?

The promise of freedom and adventure without end shall stay in their steps even unto death and beyond. One Piece's world so vast could hold infinite stories left untold, infinite glories and gratifications yet to be won. So long as these pirates sail the seas, its future remains luminous as their past. So, let's talk about the beginning of the Great Pirate Era.

The Great Pirate Era

One Piece Gol D Roger Intro

The dawn of One Piece's so-called Great Pirate Era came from the execution of Gol D Roger, a man who was renowned by the world as the King of the Pirates. He earned the title by being the first pirate to explore all there is to know in the sea. He also found the legendary treasure, the One Piece. He and his crew were the only ones to even truly know what the One Piece is.

But Roger was still a pirate, and even though his adventures were great and went beyond what anyone has ever dreamt, he was still a criminal. And especially since he uncovered all the secrets of the world and even the government, he was considered to be the biggest criminal in the world. That's why having him as a prisoner was the greatest achievement for the World Government.

But what they didn't even consider is just how many people Roger had inspired in the world, and for one last time, he would reach the hearts of millions around the world, on the day of his execution. Right before he was executed, someone asked him where he left his vast treasure and everything he had, and Roger replied with the legendary last words that resonate at the beginning of the show:

"My treasure? If you want it, I'll grant it! Search on! All the world had to offer, I left in that place!"

This was a complete shocker that completely changed the world. Even though the public execution of Gol D Roger, King of the Pirates, was set by the Marines and the Government to serve as a discouragement of piracy for the rest of the world, Roger's last words ruined their intentions and turned the event into the single most inspiring thing for thousands to become pirates.

Gol D Roger Smiling

Therefore after Roger's execution, more people than ever before in history set sailed to the seas and into the pirate life, in search of the greatest treasure of them all, the One Piece, and find all the glory, fortunes, and fame that Roger had. It is said that whoever finds it, will become the King of the pirates.

And among the people inspired by Roger's life and last words, was our protagonist Monkey D Luffy. This takes us to the real treasure we have in One Piece, and that is its characters, their incredible development, and abilities are the heart of this anime, so let's talk more about them.

The Characters

Straw Hat Pirate Crew One Piece

One of One Piece's greatest strengths is its characters, Each being as unique and memorable, and even well-developed, as they get. A prime example of this is Monkey D. Luffy, the protagonist of the show.


Luffy is an ambitious and very happy-go-lucky kind of guy, he dreams of nothing less than becoming the King of the Pirates, but he also has the biggest heart you can imagine. Not only this, but has a strong sense of justice and is always willing to put his life on the line for his friends. He ate the Gum Gum Fruit, a devil fruit that made him a rubber man, making him resilient and versatile in battle.

But Luffy is far from being the most peculiar character in the show, and even his entire crew is composed of a diverse group of individuals who are all chasing different goals. Starting with Luffy's right hand Roronoa Zoro, an incredibly powerful swordsman who uses three swords in combat as he chases the dream of becoming the greatest swordsman in the world

There's Sanji, a skilled chef and equally skilled fighter who wishes to see the Infinite Blue, a fabled ocean that is said to have fish from all different seas coexisting. He has a chivalrous heart and a tragic backstory. And speaking of tragic backstories, we cannot forget Nami, the navigator. Arguably one of the most important crewmembers, she has a painful past and a love for treasures and money.

There's also Usopp, at first sight just a coward, but he can be really clever, he's a resourceful inventor and an even better sniper. We also have Tony Tony Chopper, a little reindeer who ate the Human Human fruit and became a talking reindeer, he's an incredible doctor and dreams of being able to cure all illnesses in the world.

Then we cannot forget about Nico Robin, an archeologist with a dark past, and a keen eye for uncovering the secrets history has forgotten about, she ate the Flower Flower fruit, which gives her the ability to grow body parts on any surface. But that's not even as strange as it gets, as we have to mention Franky, a cyborg shipwright with a passion for building and modifying all sorts of things, including himself.

And finally, we have Brook, a skilled musician, and swordsman brought back to life as a skeleton thanks to the Revive Revive Fruit, and Jinbe, an honorable Fish-Man who's a seasoned pirate and a master of Fish-Man Karate.

Every character contributes in their own unique way to the crew, and none of them is taken for granted. They are all incredibly useful in their own way. But their interactions with each other and with other characters throughout their adventure are what truly makes this show so enjoyable.

One Piece Crew Smiling Wano

The character development each of these misfits gets is impressive, and we see how all of them have to endure all their personal struggles and get opportunities to grow. And speaking of this, it cannot go without mentioning just how the show manages to balance the emotional, heartbreaking moments, with lighthearted joy and comedy. As the humor is a central part of One Piece, and it happens most naturally, it never feels forced or out of place.

The Worldbuilding

One Piece Ships Sailing Intro

One Piece's worldbuilding is also a great strength of the show. As we mentioned before, the world is vast, filled with countless islands, different seas, and creatures to discover. The world is filled with different creatures, races, and species, which means you can get to meet Fish-Men, mermaids, giants, and even talking toys and animals.

But we must mention that this is a world also filled with political intrigue, corruption, social issues, and a constant theme of control. The World Government is the most powerful organization and it controls the world, and with so much power, there's an equal amount of corruption. Social conflict, class differences, war, and the search for freedom are common things in the One Piece world.

They play a critical role in the story, as they are pretty oppressive and it's not uncommon for them to act in tyrannical ways. They want to control every aspect of the world and even dare to try and manipulate stories and the information available in the world. They present history in their own version, to keep the world under their control.

But there's even more than the physical world, as there are the mysterious powers of the Devil Fruits and the Haki. This last one is a type of power that allows individuals to use their willpower and manifest it in different ways.

Haki and the whole concept of willpower play an important role in the plot of One Piece, as we learn that the sheer power of will and dreams can get to be the strongest driving force in these seas.

The Plot

The story of One Piece is vast and intricate, weaving together numerous threads into a grand, sprawling tale. At the heart of this narrative are Luffy and his crew's quest to find the legendary One Piece treasure and become Pirate Kings. Each saga they embark on feels like its own standalone adventure, full of unique characters, challenges, and revelations. Yet their journey gradually unfurls secrets of the world's history and the truths behind One Piece, connecting each arc to the overarching story.

One of One Piece's greatest strengths lies in balancing these intertwining storylines while allowing each to shine. Major arcs operate independently, complete with their own sets of conflicts and personalities, yet all contribute to the sweeping whole. The series also readily embraces risk, from shocking character deaths to breathtaking plot twists, keeping readers perpetually on edge and eagerly turning each page.

One Piece weaves a grand tapestry of narrative by tying together stream upon stream of interconnecting stories and revelations. Obstacles emerge and secrets are uncovered with each new saga, yet relationships and stakes are always raised, propelling the voyaging crew ever forward on their bid to become the Pirate King. Bold, rapid turns keep the adventure whip-crack fast even as meaning and depth accumulate, carrying audiences along on a thrill of discovery and surprise.

Animation and music

The visuals and audio of One Pieece are also among the best in the anime world. The colorful characters and their designs immediately stand out in the world of shonen anime. But when it comes to the art and animation we do have to mention some small details here, and that is that it gets better as you progress.

One Piece Luffy Spinning Straw Hat Old Animation
One Piece Luffy Spinning Straw Hat New Animation

This means that in the early episodes of the anime, you'll notice that the animation may be a bit choppy, as well as the general art, especially on the characters. But as we progress, it gets cleaner and smoother, as well as better crafted. Getting to be the animation masterpiece that every single episode is nowadays.

Now, regarding the music of the show, there's a lot to be said, as it goes perfectly in the emotional moments, but it also perfectly covers the action-packed moments of the show. But the soundtrack also has some of the most joyful original songs you can find in any anime out there. Even the openings get to be among the most catchy and replayable around.

Between the stellar animation and memorable music, One Piece provides an audiovisual experience that greatly enhances the overall enjoyment of the show.


In conclusion, One Piece remains a successful and beloved long-running manga and anime series for nearly 25 years so far due to its memorable characters, overarching adventure story, and themes of friendship and perseverance against immense challenges. The more than 1000 chapters and episodes so far have built a massive and dedicated fanbase that continues to grow as new stories unfold in the series. One Piece deserves its place as a true classic in the history of animation and manga history. Its timeless and inspiring tale of dreams, camaraderie, and quests for freedom on the high seas will continue to captivate audiences for generations to come.

Overall Score: 9.8/10

One Piece Thousand Sunny Straw Hats Sailing

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