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Trigun: The Complete Series - DVD

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Product Description

All 26 episodes of the sci-fi Japanese anime series set in the desolate wastelands of the planet Gunsmoke and following the adventures of gunslinger Vash the Stampede (voice of Masaya Onosaka), a misunderstood outlaw with a $60 billion price on his head. The episodes are: 'The $60 Billion Man', 'Truth of Mistake', 'Peace Maker', 'Love & Peace', 'Hard Puncher', 'Lost July', 'B.D.N. (Brilliant Dynamite Neon)', 'And Between the Wasteland and Sky...', 'Murder Machine', 'Quick Draw', 'Escape from Pain', 'Diablo', 'Vash the Stampede', 'Little Arcadia', 'Demon's Eye', 'Fifth Moon', 'Rem Saverem', 'Goodbye for Now', 'Hang Fire', 'Flying Ship', 'Out of Time', 'Alternative', 'Paradise', 'Sin', 'Live Through' and 'Under the Sky So Blue'