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Dragon Ball Super Card Game - Frieza Starter Deck - Clan Collusion

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Product Description

Fans of the Dragon Ball franchise now can start their own tournaments with this starter deck of cards. The deck has a total of 51 cards, however, not all decks are identical. 

There are 9 exclusive starter deck Cards split into 5 types, as follows:

・Silver Foil with Gold Stamp Leader Card x1
・Silver Foil with Gold Stamp Unison Card x1
・Silver Foil Unison Card x1
・Silver Foil Cards x3
・Non-foil Cards x3

Buying a starter deck of trading cards saves you time in trying to figure out the game and the best winning methods. Of course, you can alter the deck in time, after you become more experienced in how to play this game. 

To help you better understand the game, its rules and playsheet are also provided with this deck. 


1x Last Resort Frieza
2x Frieza, Darkness Overflowing
2x Ginyu, Frieza's Greatest Soldier
2x Zarbon, Frieza's Right-Hand Man
2x Dodoria, Frieza's Devoted Servant
4x Avenging Frieza
1x Cold Bloodlust
4x Frieza's Call
4x Shocking Death Ball
4x Yamcha, the Cunning
4x Frieza, Cosmic Horror
4x Frieza, Terrifying Transformation
2x Burter, Fastest in the Universe
4x Dodoria the Cold-Blooded
4x Zarbon the Gorgeous
3x Frieza the Power Monger