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Dragon Ball Super Card Game - Piccolo Starter Deck - Guardian of Namekians

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Product Description

The Guardian of Namekians is another trading card deck that fans of Dragon Ball Super will surely enjoy. The deck is perfectly suited to both beginners and veterans of the game and its challenges. 

Here's what you'll find in this deck with 50 cards:

  • a Leader card
  • the play manual
  • the play sheet
  • 5 cards exclusive to the starter deck

The Leader card in this deck is Piccolo Jr., Evil Reborn. The majority of the cards have a green theme to better tie in with the Namekians, the main theme of the deck. 

This deck has "Bond" as its keyword. To use this ability, you need to meet some conditions, as explained in the rule sheet. 


1x Piccolo Jr., Evil Reborn
2x Indomitable Link Son Gohan
2x Indomitable Link Piccolo
2x King Piccolo, Lord of Terror
4x Namekian Bond Saonel
4x Newfound Power Son Gohan
4x Power Barrier Piccolo
4x Gift of Power Guru
4x Kindhearted Namekian Dende
4x Namekian Duo Saonel
4x Namekian Duo Pirina
2x Dark Vassal Tambourine
2x Dark Vassal Cymbal
4x Dark Vassal Drum
4x Planet Namek
4x Sacrifice