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Dragon Ball Super Card Game - Shenron Starter Deck - Shenron's Advent

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Product Description

What's special about this deck from the Dragon Ball Super card game series? The fact that your wishes can be granted! At least in the game, because this is what Shenron does. Shenron is a green Asian dragon with a very long body that looks powerful and dangerous. 

This deck has 2 brand-new skills. One of them is "Burst" that can significantly increase your chances of winning. The other one is "Wish" which is also very useful during a challenge, but you need to test the deck yourself to see how these skills really work. 

The 51 cards are accompanied by the rule sheet and the playsheet. The manufacturer recommends those at least 6 years of age use the deck. 


1x Miraculous Arrival Shenron
2x Dimensional Warrior Son Goku
2x Vegeta, Returned from Darkness
2x Shenron, Figure of Majesty
2x Mega Focus Son Goku
3x Son Goku
2x Yamcha
2x Puar, Best Pal
4x Scheming Oolong
4x Oolong's Wish
4x Dragon Ball Seeker Bulma
4x Kami, Global Unifier
4x Temporal Rescue Trunks
4x Power Burst
7x Dragon Ball
4x World Peace