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Skull - Board Game

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Product Description

There aren't many games that require a minimum of 3 players. The Skull board game is one of these games, and the maximum number of players is 6. It is best played by 5 and 6 people. 

This game is also known as "Skull and Roses" or "Skull and Roses Red." The game is very easy to learn but very difficult to win, especially if you're not good at recognizing when people bluff, lie or try to deceive. The goal of all the players is to expose the roses. Winning means that you don't expose skulls and that you have guessed right 2 times. 

The approximate duration of a game is 30 minutes, though it can last up to 45 minutes and as little as 15 minutes. The duration depends on the number of players involved and their confidence in their own abilities. 

Most card games use rectangular cards. Unlike most decks, this game uses round cards. What's more, is that not all the cards show the same image: both the skulls and the roses have different art and colors. In fact, not all the roses are even roses, but an assortment of flowers. Some of the skulls are scarier than others or wear accessories. 

If you're a collector of decks of cards, then this one must be part of your collection!

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