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Pokémon - Elemental Power - Vaporeon GX Tin

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Product Description

Eevee must have some of the cutest Evolutions for a great number of people simply adore its big-eared and super-charged Evolutions. Vaporeon is powered by water and drowning your enemies sounds like an easy task.

The Vaporeon GX tin box is part of a release from 2019, along with 2 other tins. All 3 tins use a different Eevee Evolution:

  • Flareon GX
  • Jolteon GX
  • Vaporeon GX

This is not all you'll get through a tin like this. The tin comes with a few booster trading card packs. There are actually 4 such packs with a selection of 10 cards each.

There's also a card with the  Pokemon seen on the tin AND a code to unlock a complete trading card deck for the online version of Pokemon TCG. In the booster packs, you should also find at least one basic energy card. 

What are you waiting for? Don't yo want to catch 'em all?