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Pokémon - Sun and Moon: Unbroken Bonds - Zeraora Theme Deck - Lightning Loop

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Product Description

The Pokemon trading card game has many expansions, and one of the major ones is called Sun and Moon. This Series is made of several smaller expansions, with the one released in 2019 being named Unbroken Bonds.

As the name suggests, the majority of the Pokemon in this deck are Lightning type. Their leader is the Zeraora which can also be seen on the Cracked Ice Holofoil card version that you can only find in this deck.

Only 5 of the Pokemons selected for the deck are colorless. What's more, is that you'll find at least 20 cards with Lightning energy. All this taken into account, your opponent better be careful for you'll definitely win the challenge!

The Pokémon Loop Theme Deck also includes the following:

  • 1 card checklist
  • 1 metallic coin
  • The 2-player playmat
  • A rule sheet
  • 1 code card to play this deck online
  • 1 deck box
  • Damage counters

The coin included could differ from box to box. 

Lightning Loop Decklist:

2× Zeraora
2× Magnezone
3× Magneton
3× Magnemite
2× Raticate
3× Rattata
2× Dodrio
3× Doduo
2× Stunfisk
2× Meowth
2× Cynthia
2× Fisherman
4× Hau
2× Lillie
4× Looker
2× Switch
20× Lightning Energy