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Chessex - Pound-O-Dice (Random Assortment of Dice)

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Product Description

There are probably times when you have a hard time finding a pair of dice for your game, especially if these are the types of games you play the most. Dice are usually small, therefore, they can easily get lost. 

Chessex has a solution for you, in the shape of the Pound-O-Dice! Chessex created bags weighing around a pound, filled with dice. These dice come in many different shapes and colors. One such bag can contain between 80 and 100 dice, as their size also varies. 

However, nobody can be sure that 2 bags contain the exact same dice, especially when it comes to colors and styles. It's highly likely that the most common styles will be included. As far as the colors go, they will include but, of course, not be limited to:

  • speckled,
  • marble,
  • rainbow,
  • opaque
  • translucent

One of the best things about this Chessex Pound-O-Dice product is that you can use the dice as replacements or as the main dice for the games you play and need such accessories.