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Dragon Ball Super Card Game - King Vegeta Starter Deck - Saiyan Legacy

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Product Description

This starter deck of trading cards designed around Dragon Ball Super includes 51 cards. The pre-constructed deck can be used by anyone regardless of their experience in playing with trading cards. 

The theme of this deck is Saiyan Legacy. This can only mean one thing: you'll have many powerful Sayans in your deck! The colors used in this deck are green and red, either in combination or one or the other. 

The special skill of this deck is "Arrival" that you'll have to discover on your own.   

You'll also receive the play sheet and manual, along with 5 starter deck-exclusive cards! Two of these exclusive cards have a gold stamp, making them that much more special. 


1x King Vegeta, Leader of the Saiyans
2x Raditz, Earth Invader
2x Vegeta, Royal Prince
2x Fated Kaio-Ken Son Goku
2x King Vegeta's Dynasty
4x Saiyan Cabba
4x Full Power Energy
4x Quick Rush Trunks
4x Trunks, Bridge to the Future
2x Charging UpSon Goten
4x Digging Deep Vegeta
4x Afterimage Technique
4x Super Saiyan Son Goku
4x Support Attack Son Goten
4x Raditz, the Oppressor
4x Denial of Hope