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Nintendo Switch Wireless Controller (Glowing Afterglow See Through Version) - pdp - Deluxe Edition

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Product Description

Some of us like to know the way things are made. Others like to be able to see inside some of the items they use. Nintendo has a little bit to offer to both of these groups of people, as long as they also like to play games and own a Nintendo Switch. 

This is a transparent controller that also lights up! What color is the light, you ask? Any color you like, because the LEDs are full RGB! The effect is better seen in the dark, of course. Speaking of darkness, you could stumble on cords if you can't see them. However, this is not the case with this device because it is a wireless one. It can connect to a Nintendo-compatible system that is up to 40 feet away.  

The product is a Switch Pro controller with Afterglow prismatic LED lighting. The lights can be turned off if they bother someone.  The only non-transparent parts are the back and the bottom where the rechargeable battery can be found. At the back, there are 2 shoulder buttons as well as the dock for the charging cable. 

Like most of the controllers in this range, this one as well has 2 programmable buttons. You can assign them functions on the go while also improving your overall gameplay. 

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