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Magic: The Gathering - Odyssey - Theme Deck - Trounce-O-Matic

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Product Description

Magic: The Gathering has many game expansions, one of them being Odyssey. This expansion has 350 cards and was released in 2001. Its release happened through:

  • tournament decks of 75 cards
  • booster packs of 15 cards
  • four preconstructed theme decks
  • a fat pack

One of the preconstructed theme decks is the Trounce-O-Matic that you can find here. It uses cheap creatures that only become stronger as the game progresses. There's no way for your opponents to survive a challenge against you.

Of course, you can choose to personalize the deck to make it even stronger. 

Green and Blue are the colors of this deck. Its cards are split as:

  • 24 Lands
  • 21 Creatures
  • 10 Instants
  • 4 Sorceries
  • 1 Enchantment

Ivy Elemental and Stone-Tongue Basilisk are the most valuable cards in it, AKA the deck's rarest. You only get one copy of each of these Creatures. Most other cards come in several copies.

Trounce-O-Matic Decklist:


Creatures (21)

2x Cephalid Looter
2x Crashing Centaur
2x Diligent Farmhand
1x Ivy Elemental
2x Krosan Avenger
2x Metamorphic Wurm
2x Nimble Mongoose
2x Springing Tiger
1x Stone-Tongue Basilisk
1x Twigwalker
2x Werebear
2x Wild Mongrel

Instants (10)

1x Deluge
2x Muscle Burst
2x Peek
2x Predict
2x Repel
1x Sylvan Might

Sorceries (4)

2x Careful Study
1x Overrun
1x Roar of the Wurm

Enchantments (1)

1x Seton's Desire

Lands (24)

13x Forest
9x Island
1x Seafloor Debris
1x Timberland Ruins

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