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Magic: The Gathering - Tenth Edition - Theme Deck - Cho-Manno's Resolve

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Product Description

If you're an older player of the "Magic: The Gathering" trading card game, you might already know that this game was mainly released through Core Sets, most of them containing 350 cards. However, the Tenth Edition has much more than that at 385 cards.

The 10th Edition was sold through booster packs of 16 cards, a fat pack, the Tenth Edition Starter Game, and the 5 themed decks. Each of these decks was assigned a color, 40 cards, a strategy insert, and a random Pro Tour Player card. 

    Of all of the included cards, Cho-Manno Revolutionary and Pariah, are rare. The secret to winning with this deck is to neutralize everything they throw at you. When they run out of options, you'll destroy them with a single attack. 

    Cho-Manno's Resolve Decklist:

    Creatures (16)

    1x Ghost Warden
    2x Youthful Knight
    2x Benalish Knight
    1x Venerable Monk
    2x Wild Griffin
    1x Cho-Manno, Revolutionary
    2x Skyhunter Patrol
    2x Angel of Mercy
    2x Loxodon Mystic
    1x Ancestor's Chosen

    Instants (1)

    1x Condemn

    Enchantments (4)

    2x Pacifism
    1x Pariah
    1x Serra's Embrace

    Artifacts (2)

    1x Angel's Feather
    1x Icy Manipulator

    Lands (17)

    17x Plains