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Fallout New Vegas - New California Republic Flag - Loot Crate

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Product Description

Those who play the Fallout game might be familiar with this flag. This flag is seen in Fallout 4 and it represents the New California Republic. This republic is formed some 200 years in the future, after the events that take place in the game. 

Many folks might find it familiar from real-life. This is because the image on the flag is directly inspired by the flag of the current-day State of California. Keeping the heraldry on the flag is not surprising since the name has been kept as well, just its political organization changed. 

This flag has been restored after it's been pulled from the dust of the frontier Wasteland and is now ready to hang in your collection. By owning it, you show your support for the brave New California Republic Rangers that sacrifice their lives protecting the settlers of the NCR territories.

The flag is decently big, as it measures 3 x 5 feet. The graphics are seen just on one side. the fabric used for it is polyester 100%. Since it comes folded, the flag will have some crease lines that will easily iron out.