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LEGO - Minifigures - Series 13 - 71008

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Product Description

Everyone loves to play with LEGO, and the game becomes only better with more Minifigures. Buying separate mini figurines for your story or to collect is one of the best ways in which to get more characters. 

The LEGO Minifigures Series 13 71008 is a set that has been released in 2015. This set includes 16 Minifigures, inspired by both real-life situations and the fantasy world. Each character is packed individually and sold as such. However, you cannot know which one you'll get for the bag is sealed and not transparent. You can't ask for a specific one either unless ordering it from a third party. 

The characters included in this set are:

  • a sheriff
  • a hot-dog man
  • a king
  • a disco diva
  • a girl dressed in a unicorn outfit
  • a pharaoh's soldier
  • a snake charmer
  • an alien trooper
  • a carpenter
  • an evil wizard
  • a fencer
  • a galaxy trooper
  • a goblin
  • a cyclops lady
  • a paleontologist
  • a samurai

If you want to collect these Minifigures, you'll probably have a lot of fun trading any extras you'll find, with your friends.