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Oakie Doakie - D6 12mm Dice (Amethyst)

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Product Description

There are many board games that are played with at least a pair of dice. In some settings, just one dice is enough. Dice are used even in casinos for some games. 

There's nobody out there who isn't familiar with these little white cubes with black dots on them. But who says that you have to settle for something so common, at this point? Why not get some nice colorful dice, like the amethyst ones suggested here? 

The color of these dice is called amethyst, however, upon a closer look, they're bi-color with blue and purple swirling on them. The dots indicating the value on their sides are golden, making these dice technically tri-colored. 

This plastic box contains 36 dice, so 18 pairs. They have 6 sides and 1 side measures 12 mm. They come packed in strong boxes with extendable shelves so you can easily take them with you. This allows you to play wherever you want to.

The box itself can easily serve as an alternative tray for the Flip'n Tray 80+ made by Ultimate Guard.