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Pokemon - Sun & Moon: Lost Thunder - Booster Pack

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Product Description

Pokemon is a very popular franchise, mostly due to the Japanese TV animation series that took the world by a tornado. Before Pokemon GO, the fans could Catch 'Em All through the trading card game released by the franchise. 

Most TCGs have expansions of various sizes. "Sun and Moon" is one of these expansions but also a Series, with some 12 other expansions. Lost Thunder is one of the expansions in the Sun and Moon Series. This expansion features these unique and special Pokemons:

  • Celebi (Prism Star)
  • Ditto (Prism Star)
  • Blacephalon-GX
  • Lugia-GX
  • Tyranitar-GX
  • Zeraora-GX

Through this booster pack, you have the chance of finding one of these Pokemon cards and adding more Pokemons to your collection, improving the battle deck you already own or even creating a brand new deck!