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Super Mario 3D Land (Nintendo Selects) - Nintendo 3DS

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Product Description

"Nintendo Selects" is a feature through which the company chooses some really popular games and offers them for a very attractive price. This listing is one of the chosen video games that was encoded specifically for the 3DS console. 

The "Super Mario 3D Land" comes with a real 3D platforming environment while keeping everything the fans of the game like the most about this franchise. One of the best features is that there's no need for special 3D glasses to experience depth, distance, or speed, in this game. Children under the age of 6 can also play this game, but they shouldn't be given access to the 3D feature. 

If you missed the Tanooki suit you can rejoice because it makes a comeback. With its help, you can attack your enemies or jump from great heights without a problem. Those who want even more control over Mario and other game aspects can use the Circle Pad.   

You probably wonder if there are any new enemies in this game release. The answer is yes, and here's a sneak peek:

  • Goombas with tails
  • a Piranha Plant - its ink will obscure your view 
  • tall mounds of Goombas