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Bee Simulator - Nintendo Switch

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Product Description

Did you ever wonder what the world looks like from a bee's perspective? Through this Bee Simulator from Nintendo made for the Switch console, you now have this opportunity.  

In this game, the player is a bee that explores a world inspired by Central Park. The action involves bee races, defeating wasps, trying to prevent humans from cutting down the tree in which your hive is, and collecting as much pollen as possible.  

The bees live in a hive that wakes up when the sun rises. Upon awakening, player-bee will have to test their Wings first. The next step is to go receive orders from the Bee Queen and start the very first mission of the day. 

This game can be played in single and multi-player modes. There are 3 game modes in total and they include co-op and PvP on a split screen.

  • Experience life from a bee's perspective
  • Play with friends and family in co-op or PVP
  • Explore a beautifully crafted world at your leisure

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