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Bleach - Urahara Symbol Keychain - Great Eastern - PVC

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Product Description

When a series becomes really popular, a variety of merchandise gets created. This is the case with the manga and anime series Bleach. Urahara Kisuke is just a supporting character in this series, but he does have a very important role in the story as a whole. Urahara Kisuke is the founder and 1st President of the S.R.D.I. that stands for Shinigami Research and Development Institute.

Listed here, is a keychain that has his symbol on a black square and a tag indicating the series it is from. This keychain is made of PVC and it's not very large. Due to the design and colors, it can be used by anyone of any age and gender.

While the product can very well be used as a keyring, you can also keep it among other Bleach and anime items you might collect. You can attack the keys directly on the ring of the keychain, though many will use it as an accessory on the keyring they already have.