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Carnival Games - Nintendo Switch

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Product Description

"Carnival Games" is a collection of several mini-games aimed at everyone. These can be played over and over. Once you learned how to win, you can try and see how fast you can win, trying to defeat your own record. 

Winning means receiving tickets that can be exchanged for new costumes for your guest characters. And since these are in-game clothes, you can dress up as extravagantly as you wish. 

Some of the included games are: 

  • Swish - if you like shooting basketballs
  • Clowning Around - not for those who are scared of clowns, unless you want to get rid of them
  • Light Speed - if you want to take part in a race with flying drones
  • Cosmic Strike - for those who were wondering what would it be like to go bowling in the cosmos

There's a total of 20 mini-games to enjoy with up to 3 other players. You'll need additional equipment for the multiplayer mode. Because this is the Nintendo Switch version of the game, it means you can play wherever you want to play: big or small screen.