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Dead By Daylight - The Hillbilly Figure - Kotobukiya - PVC

Dead By Daylight - The Hillbilly Figure - Kotobukiya - PVC

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Item Features & Details


Origin: From the asymmetrical horror game "Dead By Daylight"

Anniversary: Celebrates the game's 4th anniversary
Character: Features The Hillbilly, a classic killer from the game

Sculptor: Created by Masato Ohata, a skilled sculptor and fan of the game

Detailing: Enhanced by Norifumi Dohi (FRANKEN) for intricate sculpt and paint details

Design: Captures the eerie presence of The Hillbilly, known for chasing survivors with a limp

Material: Made from high-quality PVC

Display Compatibility: Designed to complement BISHOUJO series statues, especially the HORROR BISHOUJO lineup

Collection: Part of the Dead By Daylight lineup, with The Wraith joining the series

Display Impact: Adds a chilling presence and the potential to create a misty forest theme in your room

Product Description


From the groundbreaking multiplayer asymmetrical horror game “Dead By Daylight,” comes a meticulously crafted scale figure of the classic killer, The Hillbilly, by Kotobukiya. Celebrating the game's 4th anniversary, this figure brings to life the eerie presence of The Hillbilly, known for his relentless chase after survivors with a distinctive limp.

Sculpted by the talented Masato Ohata, a dedicated fan of the game, this figure captures every terrifying detail of The Hillbilly with remarkable precision. The addition of Norifumi Dohi (FRANKEN)'s intricate details in the sculpt and paintwork ensures that every element and texture is portrayed with stunning realism, making this figure a true masterpiece.

Standing as a perfect display piece, this PVC figure is designed to complement the BISHOUJO series statues, particularly those in the HORROR BISHOUJO lineup. The Hillbilly figure adds a chilling presence to any collection and pairs seamlessly with other figures from the Dead By Daylight lineup, such as The Wraith.

Enhance your collection with this incredible figure and watch as a forest of mist spreads throughout your display, bringing the haunting world of Dead By Daylight to life in your room.

Box Contents


Dead By Daylight - The Hillbilly Figure

Protective Packaging

Product Information


Manufacturer: Kotobukiya

Item Weight: 2.1 pounds

Item UPC: 190526034112

Manufacturer Description


From the groundbreaking multiplayer asymmetrical horror game “Dead By Daylight”, that recently celebrated its 4th anniversary, comes a scale figure of the classic killer, THE HILLBILLY!

This eerie figure who chases after the Survivors with a limp comes to life through the skilled hands of the sculptor MASATO OHATA, who is also a big fan of this game.

With the addition of Norifumi Dohi (FRANKEN)'s details to the sculpt/paint every element and texture of The Hillbilly is perfectly brought to life in a manner that can only be portrayed in a statue.

This scale figure has been made to look perfect displayed next to BISHOUJO series statues;especially statues from the HORROR BISHOUJO lineup!

The third character that will be joining the Dead By Daylight lineup is The Wraith!

Collect them all and a forest of mist may spread throughout your room.

About the Manufacturer


Kotobukiya Products, a beacon in the world of collectibles, is celebrated for its exquisite craftsmanship and diverse array of officially licensed merchandise. Specializing in high-quality figures and model kits, Kotobukiya captures the essence of beloved characters from anime, manga, movies, and more, transforming them into stunning works of art. From intricately detailed statues to dynamic model kits, Kotobukiya's product line appeals to discerning collectors and fans alike, offering a unique opportunity to own and showcase pieces that embody the beauty and spirit of the characters and worlds they represent. As a retailer, we are proud to offer Kotobukiya Products, providing enthusiasts with access to these finely crafted collectibles that transcend the boundaries of traditional merchandise.

Renowned for its unwavering dedication to quality and authenticity, Kotobukiya Products has earned a global reputation among collectors and fans of Japanese pop culture. The company collaborates closely with licensors to ensure that each product not only resonates authentically with the fan base but also meets the high standards set by intellectual property owners. This commitment to both creative expression and compliance positions Kotobukiya as a trusted destination for fans seeking top-tier officially licensed products. As a retailer, we are delighted to offer Kotobukiya's meticulously crafted items, providing collectors with the opportunity to enhance their collections with stunning and officially licensed figures and model kits.

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