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Dragon Ball Super Card Game - Kid Goku Starter Deck - The Extreme Evolution

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Product Description

This Dragon Ball Super card deck is meant for those who have just started playing this game with trading cards. Those with more playing experience shouldn't hold back from trying out this deck.

The advantage of pre-constructed trading card decks is that collectors and players alike have quick access to as many different cards as possible. Players usually like to modify their decks in time, and this is generally easier done with a pre-selected deck.

This pre-made deck features 51 cards and its theme is Extreme Evolution. The Leader card represents Rising Spirit Super Saiyan Son Goku, which is a mouthful to read in itself, so one can only imagine the damage it can cause to the opponents.

Along with the manual and play sheet, you'll also get 5 starter deck-exclusive cards! The manual will help players who are new to the deck as well as those who want to improve their game strategies.


1x Rising Spirit Super Saiyan Son Goku
2x Broken Limits Super Saiyan 3 Son Goku
4x Unbreakable Super Saiyan Son Goku
2x Rushing Warrior Pan
2x Chain Attack Trunks
4x Pint-sized Warrior Son Goku
4x Shocking Future Son Goku
2x Pan
4x Quick Rush Trunks
4x Handy Giru
4x Hidden Power Uub
4x Bodyguard Ledgic
2x Power-absorbing Luud
2x Dr. Myuu Under Baby's Control
2x Hidden Ability, General Rilldo
4x Unending Awakening
4x Grand Tour Spaceship