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Dragon Ball Super Card Game - SS4 Goku Starter Deck - The Crimson Saiyan

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Product Description

If your favorite character from Dragon Ball Super is Saiyan, then you'll probably want to get this deck of cards. It is called The Crimson Saiyan, it has 51 cards, a play sheet, and the rules of the game. 

You'll also get to have a closer look at SS4 Son Goku and Goku’s lineage, all thanks to the yellow cards in this deck. The keyword of the deck is "Swap," allowing you some specific moves if you meet the conditions. 

Even if this is a pre-made deck aimed at beginner players, there's nothing to stop you from getting it if you want to use new strategies and abilities during your next challenge. 


1x Long Odds SS4 Son Goku
2x Power Charge Bardock
4x SSB Son Goku, at the Apex
2x Reborn Might SS4 Son Goku
2x Ultimate Potential SS2 Son Gohan
4x Indomitable Dynasty SS Son Goku
4x Dependable Dynasty Son Goku
2x Unbroken Dynasty Son Goku
4x Dynasty Deferred Son Goku
4x Intrepid Dynasty Son Gohan
4x Prodigal Dynasty Son Goten
4x Plucky Dynasty Pan
4x Dynasty's Solace Chi-Chi
4x Adoptive Father Son Gohan
2x 10x Kamehameha
4x Instant Transmission