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Dragon Ball Super Card Game - Super Baby Starter Deck - Parasitic Overlord

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Product Description

Not everyone started appreciating Dragon Ball at the same time. Those who just got into the franchise will surely appreciate this starter deck of trading cards. There is a total of 51 cards in this deck.

When opening the box of this deck, you'll find:

  • Exclusive Starter Deck Card Types x5
  • Silver Foil/Gold Stamp Leader x1
  • Silver Foil/Gold Stamp Card x1
  • Silver Foil Cards x4

Additionally, the play sheet and the rules of the game are also provided. These are useful for everyone regardless of their experience in playing the game. 

Like most pre-constructed trading card decks, this one also offers cards that help you win, by using trusted card combinations. However, you can later adapt the deck to your needs. 


1x Super Baby 2, Out for Revenge
2x SS3 Son Goku, the Last Straw
2x Super Baby 1, the Conqueror
2x Super Baby 2, Vengeful Rampage
2x Battle to the Death
4x Great Ape Son Goku, Abilities Amplified
4x Son Gohan, Brainwashed
4x Dr. Myuu, the Mastermind
4x Baby, the Overseer
4x Flaming Death Ball
4x Bulma, Brainwashed
4x Shu, on the Offensive
4x Baby, Vengeful Upheaval
2x Baby, Evil Origins
4x Return of Planet Tuffle
4x Super Galick Gun