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Dragon Shield - Crimson Logi Arcane Tinmen Deck Box

Dragon Shield - Crimson Logi Arcane Tinmen Deck Box

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Item Features & Details


Epic Artwork: Features the majestic dragon Logi adorned in magical armor Excellion, defending Arcania.

High Capacity: Holds up to 75 double-sleeved or 85 single-sleeved cards securely.

Durable Construction: Made from sturdy plastic for long-lasting protection.

Easy Access: Deep cut-out design allows for effortless retrieval of cards.

Secure Lid: Snug-fitting lid ensures cards stay safe and protected.

Organizational Tools: Includes a generous writing field and a divider for easy deck management.

Product Description


Unleash the power of Arcania with the Dragon Shield - Arcane Tinmen Dragon Deck Box, a must-have for any dedicated card game enthusiast. Featuring the majestic and heroic dragon Logi, this deck box captures the epic tale of Logi and his human companion as they defend their world from bio-mechanical Dragon Slayers. Adorned in the magical armor Excellion, Logi symbolizes untold potential and valor, making this deck box not only a practical accessory but also a piece of art for your collection.

Crafted with the renowned durability and quality that Dragon Shield is known for, this deck box is designed to protect your valuable cards with the utmost care. It easily accommodates 75 double-sleeved or 85 single-sleeved cards, ensuring that your deck is safe and secure. The sturdy plastic construction guarantees long-lasting use, making it a reliable companion for countless battles and adventures.

The Dragon Shield Deck Shell boasts practical features that enhance its functionality. A deep cut-out provides easy access to your cards, allowing for swift and smooth retrieval during gameplay. The lid fits snugly, ensuring that your cards remain safe and protected, while the generous writing field and included divider help keep your deck organized and easy to manage. 

Limited Edition Deck Shells like this one are adorned with incredible artwork from the Dragon Shield sleeve lines and are available only for a short time. Don't miss the opportunity to add this stunning Dragon Shield - Arcane Tinmen Dragon Deck Box to your collection. Its combination of breathtaking design and superior protection makes it a valuable asset for any card game player.

Box Contents


Dragon Shield Crimson Logi Arcane Tinmen Deck Box

Product Information


Manufacturer: Dragon Shield

Item Weight: 0.1 pounds

Item UPC: 5706569316211

Manufacturer Description


The majestic and heroic Logi works with his human companion to defend the world of Arcania from the invading bio-mechanical Dragon Slayers. Adorned in the magical armor Excellion, he has untold potential.

Dragon Shield Deck Shells offer the same durability and quality of the Dragon Shield line of sleeves, but in deck box form. 75 double sleeved or 85 single sleeved cards easily fit in this sturdy, plastic box.

Deep cut-out for easy access. Safe and snug fitting lid. Generous writing field. – Divider included. The Limited Edition Deck Shells feature incredible artwork from our Dragon Shield sleeve lines and are only available for a short time.

About the Manufacturer


Elevate your gaming experience with Dragon Shield Products, crafted by a company renowned for its dedication to providing top-tier gaming accessories. Specializing in protective sleeves and accessories for collectible card games, Dragon Shield has established itself as a trusted name among players seeking premium quality and design. Our extensive selection caters to the diverse needs of card gamers, offering not only robust protection for your valuable decks but also a touch of style that reflects the passion of the gaming community.

Dragon Shield's commitment to excellence is reflected in the durability and innovation present in each product. As a distributor of Dragon Shield Products, we bring you a curated collection of sleeves, deck boxes, and other accessories that showcase the brand's commitment to quality craftsmanship. Collaborating with licensors, Dragon Shield ensures that its products not only meet but exceed the expectations of card gaming enthusiasts worldwide. Explore our range of officially licensed Dragon Shield Products, where the fusion of cutting-edge design and uncompromising quality enhances your gaming moments and safeguards your treasured card collections.

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