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Europa Base Alpha - Card Game

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Product Description

Explore the thrilling world of space conquest and strategic battles with Europa Base Alpha - the ultimate card game set on the untouched surface of Jupiter's moon, Europa. This game takes place in an alternate future, where nations have broken apart and are now in a race to establish defenses on Europa before it's too late. As one of the players, your mission is to take control of Europa with the largest network of installations or be left in lunar dust.

In Europa Base Alpha, players are competing to build the grandest network of moon bases on Europa made up of Missile Silos, Communication Towers, Global Command Centers, Personnel Bunkers, and Intergalactic Transports. To achieve this goal, players use cards and dice to help them build their bases as well as hinder other players. The bases require certain icons rolled, and cards can be played to aid in getting those icons or to hinder an opponent by requiring more icons, rolling fewer dice, and so on.

The game comes with 92 cards that are designed to assist players in their mission, and 36 dice tokens that are used to roll for the necessary icons. Each player gets their own player board to keep track of their progress and the points earned from built moon bases. The player with the most points at the end of the game takes control of Europa and wins! Europa Base Alpha includes the Invaders expansion as well!

Europa Base Alpha is the perfect game for anyone who loves strategic gameplay and space-themed adventures. With stunning graphics and engaging gameplay, this game is perfect for family game nights, or for any group of friends looking for an exciting and challenging game. Take on the challenge and see if you can be the one to take control of Europa!