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Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman - Volume 5 - Paperback

Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman - Volume 5 - Paperback

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Epic Conclusion: Experience the stunning climax of Jonathan Hickman's epic Fantastic Four narrative.

Multi-Front Assault: Earth faces simultaneous attacks from the Kree Armada and Annihilus' Negative Zone forces.

Future Foundation: Join the Future Foundation and its allies in their struggle to defend Earth.
Portal Threat: Annihilus' forces prepare to invade through a portal in the Baxter Building.

Universe-Saving Efforts: Earth's salvation requires assistance from Galactus, the return of an old friend, and a miracle.

Issue Collection: Collects FANTASTIC FOUR (1961) issues #600-604.

High-Stakes Drama: Prepare for high-stakes drama and breathtaking action as the fate of Earth hangs in the balance.

Product Description


In the gripping conclusion to Jonathan Hickman's saga, Earth faces its most dire threat yet. With the planet besieged from all sides, the Future Foundation and their allies battle against overwhelming odds. As the Kree Armada threatens from one front, Annihilus' forces from the Negative Zone ready for invasion through the Baxter Building's portal. But the greatest danger looms on the horizon, promising a fate worse than any before.

To save Earth from utter destruction, unlikely alliances must be forged, and old friends must return to aid the cause. Amidst the chaos, the intervention of Galactus and the resurrection of a familiar face may be humanity's only hope. As tensions escalate and the stakes reach their peak, the Fantastic Four must confront their greatest challenge yet in a battle for the fate of the universe itself.

In this thrilling volume, experience the culmination of Jonathan Hickman's epic narrative as the Fantastic Four confront their most formidable adversaries and embark on a journey that will test their courage, resilience, and the very limits of heroism. Collecting issues #600-604 of the iconic series, this paperback edition is a must-have for fans of the Fantastic Four and lovers of high-stakes superhero storytelling.

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Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman Volume 5

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Manufacturer: Marvel Comics

Item Weight: 0.8 pounds

Item UPC: 9780785161530

Manufacturer Description


Jonathan Hickman's epic story reaches its stunning climax! Earth is under simultaneous attack on multiple fronts. As the Future Foundation and its allies struggle to hold back the Kree Armada, Annihilus' Negative Zone forces prepare to enter our universe through a portal in the Baxter Building. And a fate far worse is coming. If Earth is to be saved, it will take help from Galactus, the return of an old friend - and a miracle.

About the Manufacturer


Marvel Comics Products, a leading destination for pop culture enthusiasts, brings the Marvel Universe to life through an extensive collection of officially licensed merchandise. With a rich history spanning decades, Marvel Comics has captivated fans worldwide with iconic characters and gripping narratives. From dynamic apparel and stylish accessories to eye-catching posters and collectibles, our curated selection reflects the essence of beloved superheroes and villains, allowing fans to express their passion and connection to the Marvel legacy.

Our commitment to delivering the highest quality and authenticity sets Marvel Comics Products apart as a trusted source for collectors and enthusiasts alike. Collaborating closely with various licensors, we ensure that each product resonates with the fan base while adhering to the standards set by the intellectual property owners. Marvel Comics Products stands as a go-to destination, providing a diverse and comprehensive range of officially licensed merchandise. Immerse yourself in the Marvel Universe through our carefully crafted selection of products, and celebrate your favorite characters with confidence and style.

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