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Genesis - Board Game - Gigantoskop

Genesis - Board Game - Gigantoskop

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Strategic Gameplay: Guide your angel through creation in seven days, making every action count.

Dynamic Turns: Move over each day, choosing to collect essence, perform day work, or follow God's path.

Essence Track: Plan your movement to gather the right essence, swapping positions strategically.

Day Work Rewards: Earn points for completing tasks each day, with increasing rewards as the week progresses.

Retirement Bonus: Score additional points for retiring on the seventh day, balancing rest with productivity.

Dark Angel Challenge: Beware the dark angel's interference, disrupting plans, and stealing points.

Simplicity in Mechanics: Strategic choices drive gameplay, balancing essence collection and task completion.

Player Count: Engage with 2–6 players for dynamic interactions.

Playtime: Enjoy approximately 60 minutes of immersive gameplay.

Age Suitability: Suitable for players aged 10 and above.

Product Description


Step into the divine realm with Genesis - a captivating board game from Gigantoskop that puts you in the role of an angel assisting in the creation of the world. Inspired by the biblical tale of Genesis, you'll embark on a journey to gather the essence of creation - chaos, matter, and life - and transform it into seas, mountains, birds, and beasts. Your ultimate goal? To earn God's favor by crafting the most awe-inspiring world.

In Genesis - In the Beginning, every decision matters as you strategize to gather essence at the opportune moment, move with precision, and allocate your resources wisely. The competition is fierce, with heavenly angels vying to impress God with their contributions to the creation process. However, amidst the celestial glory, there lurks a dark angel seeking to thwart your efforts and steal your spotlight.

As you navigate the complexities of creation, you'll experience the thrill of shaping the world according to the divine will. Will you rise to the challenge and emerge victorious, earning the admiration of God and your celestial peers? Or will the dark angel cast a shadow over your aspirations? Explore the genesis of existence and discover who will reign supreme in this epic board game adventure.

Box Contents


1 God

6 Angels

1 Dark Angel

42-Day Work Markers

72 Essence Cubes

1 Starting Player Marker

1 Game Board

1 Rules Booklet

Product Information


Manufacturer: Gigantoskop

Year Manufacturered : 2010

Item Weight: 1.89 pounds

Item UPC: 7350017230505

Manufacturer Description


In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth. It took him six days to complete his work, assisted by a host of heavenly angels doing his divine bidding. On the seventh day, God rested and examined the result. Seeing that it was good, he praised the angel who had contributed the most.

Genesis - In the Beginning gives you the chance to become that angel. By gathering the essence of creation - chaos, matter, and life - and turning it into seas and mountains, birds and beasts, you hope to win God's approval - and the game! But the way to victory is wrought with hard decisions. You must gather essence when it's most advantageous, move at the right time and do your days’ work where it counts the most. And beware of the dark angel who's trying to outshine you all.

Now - let there be light!

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