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Hakaider (Hyper Destroyer Edition) - Blu-Ray

Hakaider (Hyper Destroyer Edition) - Blu-Ray

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Comprehensive Edition: Hakaider (Hyper Destroyer Edition) on Blu-Ray includes both the theatrical version and the extended director's cut of the film, providing fans with a complete and immersive viewing experience.

Vision of Keita Amemiya: Directed by Keita Amemiya, this edition showcases the unique vision of the filmmaker, bringing to life a dystopian world filled with action, suspense, and intricate storytelling.

Futuristic Dystopia: Immerse yourself in the world of Jesus Town, a false utopia ruled by Gurjev and his cyborg enforcer Michael. Explore the complex dynamics of peace and violence as rebellion brews amidst the iron-fisted rule of tyranny.

Epic Battle: Witness the clash of forces as Hakaider, once a harbinger of destruction, emerges as the unexpected hope for salvation. Follow the rebels' quest for freedom and the relentless pursuit of Gurjev to crush their uprising and eliminate Hakaider once and for all.

Extended Director's Cut: Delve deeper into the story with the extended director's cut, offering additional scenes and insights into the characters and world of Hakaider.

Action-Packed Adventure: Brace yourself for an adrenaline-fueled journey filled with twists, turns, and unexpected revelations. Hakaider (Hyper Destroyer Edition) delivers non-stop excitement and intrigue from start to finish.

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Unleash the ultimate battle with Hakaider (Hyper Destroyer Edition) on Blu-Ray. Directed by Keita Amemiya, this edition features both the theatrical version and the extended director's cut, offering fans a comprehensive viewing experience filled with action and intrigue.

Step into the dystopian world of Jesus Town, where peace is a facade maintained by the iron rule of Gurjev and his cyborg enforcer, Michael. As tyranny grips the populace, a small rebel faction seeks to overthrow Gurjev's regime, desperate for a savior. Their hopes rest on awakening an ancient force hidden from civilization, the ominous Hakaider, once a destroyer now enlisted in the rebel cause.

Witness the clash of titans as Hakaider rises from imprisonment to confront Gurjev and his forces, threatening to upend the delicate balance of power in Jesus Town. With rebellion brewing and the fate of the city hanging in the balance, Hakaider's emergence heralds a new chapter of chaos and redemption in this dark and thrilling tale of futuristic warfare.

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Hakaider (Hyper Destroyer Edition)

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Hakaider Hyper Destroyer Edition contains the film directed by Keita Amemiya in both the theatrical version and the extended director’s cut.

The darkest force of destruction is now the only hope for salvation! In the far future, peace and violence walk hand in hand in Jesus Town, a false utopia ruled by the iron fist of Gurjev and his cyborg enforcer Michael. While the citizens long for a savior to rescue them from their veil of tyranny, a small band of rebels search for a new weapon to aid in their fight against Gurjev. Hidden away from civilization, an ominous force begins to stir awake and may be the answer to everyone’s prayers. After a long imprisonment, Hakaider the destroyer, is enlisted in the rebel fight. Suddenly aware of the new menace, Gurjev seeks to crush the rebels and destroy Hakaider once and for all!

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