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Katamari Damacy: REROLL - Nintendo Switch

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Product Description

If you wished to have a PlayStation 2 gaming console back when the first Katamari game was released, you no longer have to think about that. This 'Katamari Damacy: REROLL" video game is a remake of that exact installment, made specifically for the Nintendo Switch console. 

You'll be controlling the Prince who must push and roll a ball. However, certain items must be collected before the time is up. The items get collected by rolling the ball over them, and they get attached to the ball. Of course, the ball becomes bigger the more items it collects. As its size increases, so does its ability to hold larger objects. 

The game is made of several levels, and being successful in completing a level means you get to play the next one. The levels have limits either to the number of items you can gather, their size, or time limits. 

You can play only by using analog sticks. Luckily, you don't have to press any buttons and you don't have to remember any strange combinations either. Some might say that playing this game is as easy as playing Pac-Mac, but is it really? 

The graphics of the game have been upgraded to full HD. The game supports 2 players as long as each uses a Joy-Con.