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LEGO - Architecture - Brandenburg Gate - 21011

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Product Description

Introducing the LEGO Architecture - Brandenburg Gate - 21011: Immerse yourself in the architectural beauty and historical significance of Berlin's iconic landmark with this meticulously crafted LEGO replica of the Brandenburg Gate. Designed by renowned architect Adam Reed Tucker, this set offers an engaging building experience and a stunning display piece for LEGO enthusiasts and architecture lovers alike.


  • Authentic Reproduction: Recreate the grandeur of the Brandenburg Gate, commissioned by King Frederick William II of Prussia, with this faithful LEGO replica. Every architectural element has been carefully reproduced to capture the essence of this historic monument.

  • Historical Significance: The Brandenburg Gate stands as a symbol of peace and unity, representing over 200 years of Berlin's history. Learn about its significance as an architectural landmark and a powerful historical symbol through the included booklet, which provides insightful details and captivating stories (English language only).

  • Impressive Design: Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Gate's design, inspired by the Propylaea in Athens. Built from 12 Doric columns and constructed between 1788 and 1791, the Gate showcases meticulous sandstone craftsmanship. The Quadriga, a stunning sculpture depicting Victoria, the Roman goddess of victory, adds a majestic touch to the crown of the Gate.

  • Architect-Designed: Created by Adam Reed Tucker, a renowned architect and LEGO designer, this set combines the precision of architecture with the creativity of LEGO building. Enjoy a truly authentic and educational building experience.

  • Perfect Display Piece: Once completed, the LEGO Brandenburg Gate is an eye-catching display piece that will enhance any home or office. Its compact size makes it suitable for various display options, allowing you to showcase Berlin's architectural gem in all its glory.

  • Challenging and Rewarding: With 363 pieces, this set offers a satisfying building challenge for both experienced LEGO builders and those new to the hobby. Dive into the world of architecture and craftsmanship as you bring the Brandenburg Gate to life, brick by brick.

  • Expand Your LEGO Architecture Collection: The Brandenburg Gate set is part of the LEGO Architecture series, offering a unique and diverse range of architectural wonders from around the world. Expand your collection and create an inspiring display of global landmarks.


Is LEGO Architecture: Brandenburg Gate (21011) retired?

Yes, LEGO Architecture: Brandenburg Gate (21011) has been retired. It was available from September 1, 2011, until December 31, 2015, and is no longer in production.