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LEGO - Architecture - Louvre - 21024

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Product Description

Introducing the LEGO - Architecture - Louvre - 21024: Experience the Grandeur of the World's Largest Museum! Discover the beauty and architectural grandeur of the Louvre, the renowned museum of art in Paris, with this remarkable LEGO brick model. Situated on the banks of the river Seine, the Louvre showcases a harmonious fusion of Renaissance and Modernist architecture. Welcoming over 9 million visitors annually, it houses a staggering collection of 35,000 artworks, including the iconic Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. Originally a fortress built in 1190, the Louvre has transformed over time into the awe-inspiring structure we admire today. This intricate LEGO model highlights the Pavillon de l'Horloge and the once-controversial glass pyramid designed by renowned architect I. M. Pei.


  • Authentic Interpretation: This LEGO model faithfully recreates the world-renowned Louvre, allowing you to appreciate its architectural splendor and artistic significance in the comfort of your own home.

  • Pavillon de l'Horloge and Glass Pyramid: The set features the prominent Pavillon de l'Horloge, an iconic structure within the Louvre complex, as well as the striking glass pyramid that caused a stir upon its introduction.

  • Informative Booklet: Delve into the design, architecture, and history of the Louvre with the included booklet, available in English, French, and Spanish. Expand your knowledge of this magnificent landmark. (Other languages available for download at

  • Complete Your Collection: Add this LEGO Architecture set to your collection and enjoy the thrill of assembling renowned architectural landmarks from around the world. Create an impressive display that celebrates design, architecture, and history.

  • For Architecture Enthusiasts: The LEGO Architecture product line is designed to celebrate the world of architecture through the medium of LEGO bricks. It caters to enthusiasts with a passion for design, architecture, and history, providing an engaging and creative experience.