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LEGO - Architecture - Robie House - 21010

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Product Description

Introducing LEGO Architecture - Robie House (21010), a remarkable replica of the iconic Robie House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.


  • Frank Lloyd Wright's Masterpiece: Recreate the Frederick C. Robie House, one of Wright's most celebrated Prairie-style works. Completed in 1910, this architectural gem is known for its horizontal lines, banded windows, and open floor plans, embodying the essence of the Prairie style.

  • Historic Significance: Located in Chicago's Hyde Park neighborhood, the Robie House is hailed as a pioneering example of American architecture. Experience the legacy and craftsmanship of Frank Lloyd Wright's vision.

  • Thoughtful Design: The Robie House was meticulously designed to offer breathtaking views of the surrounding neighborhood while maintaining privacy. Admire the careful arrangement of windows, the long and narrow structure, and the spacious 9,062 square-foot layout.

  • Architectural Precision: This LEGO replica of the Robie House captures the intricate details and unique features of the original design. From the dominating horizontal lines to the open floor plan, every aspect is faithfully recreated.

  • Detailed Booklet: Gain deeper insights into the design and history of the Robie House with the included booklet. Delve into the architectural concepts, learn about Frank Lloyd Wright's creative process, and appreciate the significance of this masterpiece. (English language only)

  • Impressive Dimensions: The assembled LEGO Robie House model measures over 16.5 inches (42cm) wide and 5 inches (13cm) tall, making it a substantial and eye-catching display piece.

  • Architectural Replica: This LEGO set brings the renowned Robie House to life, allowing you to appreciate its timeless beauty and remarkable design. Showcase it as a symbol of architectural excellence.

  • Inspire Creativity: LEGO Architecture - Robie House inspires aspiring architects, design enthusiasts, and LEGO fans to explore the world of architecture and reimagine iconic structures.