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LEGO - Architecture - Studio - 21050

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Product Description

Introducing LEGO Architecture Studio - 21050: Unleash your architectural creativity with the LEGO Architecture Studio set. With over 1200 LEGO bricks and an inspirational guidebook, this set provides the tools and knowledge to design your own unique buildings. Let your imagination soar as you learn the fundamentals of architectural design in a LEGO context.


  • Extensive brick collection: The set includes 1210 white and transparent LEGO bricks, providing a wide range of building options. Sort and organize your bricks using the included trays for easy access during your creative process.

  • Inspirational guidebook: Discover a wealth of knowledge within the 272-page guidebook. Packed with tips, techniques, features, and hands-on exercises, this guidebook is endorsed by leading design houses and renowned architects. Learn from the best and elevate your architectural skills.

  • Monochromatic design exploration: Use the monochromatic bricks to focus on the core principles of architectural design. Experiment with form, structure, light, and shadow, and develop a deep understanding of spatial relationships within a LEGO context.

  • Endorsed by architectural luminaries: The LEGO Architecture Studio set is endorsed by esteemed architectural firms including REX architecture, Sou Fujimoto Architects, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM), MAD Architects, Tham & Videgård Arkitekter, and Safdie Architects. Benefit from the expertise and insights of these world-renowned architects.

  • Collaboration with leading architects: The guidebook is written in collaboration with leading architects and edited by Christopher Turner, providing you with expert advice and guidance throughout your creative journey.

  • Be inspired: Immerse yourself in the world of architecture and draw inspiration from the guidebook's rich content. Explore the works of renowned architects and learn about their groundbreaking designs. Let their achievements fuel your imagination.

  • Endless creative possibilities: LEGO Architecture Studio opens up a world of creative possibilities. Design, build, and refine your architectural creations, pushing the boundaries of your imagination and craftsmanship.