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LEGO - Architecture - The Great Pyramid of Giza - 21058

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Product Description

Introducing the LEGO Architecture Great Pyramid of Giza (21058) - a magnificent model that takes you on a captivating journey back to ancient times. Immerse yourself in the construction of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World with this highly detailed set.


  • Time Travel Experience: Step into the 26th century BC and witness the marvels of the Great Pyramid of Giza. This LEGO Architecture model allows you to envision how this awe-inspiring structure and its surrounding area may have looked in ancient times.

  • Cross-Section Model: Lift off the outer shell of the pyramid to uncover its secrets. Marvel at the stone-moving system that might have been used during its construction. Take a peek at the King's and Queen's Chambers, as well as the main tunnels, from the back view.

  • Detailed Landscape: The set beautifully recreates a section of the Nile river, complete with two LEGO brick versions of feluccas, ancient boats that sailed its waters. Explore two small pyramids, two mortuary temples, Sphinx statues, a workers' village, and an obelisk, all meticulously crafted to bring the scene to life.

  • Perfect Gift: Whether you're treating yourself or searching for a remarkable gift, this LEGO Architecture set is ideal for architecture enthusiasts, history buffs, or travel lovers. It's a unique way to commemorate a visit to the Great Pyramid or to fuel the dreams of future explorers.

  • Build, Display, and Connect: With dimensions measuring over 8 in. (20 cm) high, 13.5 in. (35cm) wide, and 12.5 in. (32 cm) deep, this model is an impressive display piece. You can even connect it to a second model (sold separately) to form a complete pyramid.

  • Creative Building Journey: With 1,476 meticulously crafted pieces, this set offers a challenging and immersive building experience. It's designed to captivate your imagination, leaving you with a refreshing sense of accomplishment.

  • Step-by-Step Guide: The set includes a booklet with illustrated instructions to guide you through the construction process. Additionally, you'll find information about the history of the Great Pyramid of Giza and how the LEGO designers meticulously created this model.

  • Collectible Souvenir Set: This LEGO Architecture model is part of a collection of premium-quality building kits for adults who enjoy hands-on craft hobbies. Add it to your collection or start your journey into the world of architectural wonders.

  • Premium Quality: LEGO components meet stringent industry standards to ensure a seamless and secure connection. Each piece is meticulously tested for durability, ensuring a high-quality building experience.

  • Safety Assurance: LEGO bricks and pieces undergo rigorous testing, including being dropped, heated, crushed, twisted, and analyzed. Rest assured that this set complies with demanding global safety standards.