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LEGO - Batman - The Batboat Hunt for Killer Croc - 7780

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Product Description

Get ready for an epic aquatic showdown with the LEGO Batman Batboat Hunt for Killer Croc (7780) set. Join Batman as he chases down Killer Croc in the high-speed Batboat.


  • Action-Packed Pursuit: Experience the thrill of the chase as Batman's Batboat hovercraft goes head-to-head with Killer Croc and his menacing swamp jet ski.

  • Iconic Minifigures: The set includes Batman and Killer Croc minifigures, allowing you to recreate their intense battles and adventures.

  • Dual-Action Props: The Batboat features dual-action props that propel it through the water with incredible speed, giving Batman the advantage in the pursuit.

  • Flick-Fire Missiles: Beware of Killer Croc's flick-fire missiles as he tries to evade capture. Stay alert and outmaneuver his attacks.

  • Secret Speedboat: Discover the hidden speedboat within the Batboat, perfect for pursuing criminals in tight spaces and navigating tricky waters.

  • Capture and Detain: Use the docking port to tow Killer Croc's jet ski back to jail, ensuring that Gotham City remains safe from his criminal activities.

  • Batman Gadgets: The set also includes a collection of Batman gadgets, providing extra tools and accessories for your Batman minifigure.