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LEGO - Batman - The Batmobile Two-Face's Escape - 7781

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Product Description

Gear up for an intense chase with the LEGO Batman Batmobile Two-Face's Escape (7781) set. Join Batman as he thwarts Two-Face's attempt to escape with stolen money.


  • Action-Packed Escape: Experience the thrill as Two-Face tries to flee in an armored car filled with stolen money, and Batman races to stop him in the Batmobile.

  • Iconic Minifigures: The set includes black-suited Batman, Two-Face, and an evil henchman minifigure, allowing you to recreate exciting battles and heists.

  • Batmobile and Bank Truck: The set features the sleek Batmobile and a detailed bank truck, providing a realistic setting for the chase.

  • Hidden Weapons: Dodge the bank truck's hidden weapons and stay one step ahead of Two-Face's evil plans.

  • Blunt Shooter Rocket: The Batmobile is equipped with a blunt shooter rocket, allowing Batman to disable obstacles and thwart Two-Face's escape.

  • Flying Two-Face: Unleash the secret panel on the bank truck to send Two-Face flying, ensuring that justice prevails in Gotham City.

  • Batman Gadgets: The set also includes a collection of Batman gadgets, adding extra excitement and versatility to your Batman minifigure.