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LEGO - Ben 10 Alien Force - Humungousaur - 8517

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Product Description

Get ready for hero time with the LEGO - Ben 10 Alien Force - Humungousaur - 8517 set. Watch as Ben transforms into Humungousaur, a dinosaur-like alien hero with immense size and incredible strength. This LEGO set is packed with exciting features and endless play possibilities, making it a must-have for young Ben 10 fans and LEGO enthusiasts alike.


  • Transformation Power: Ben transforms into Humungousaur, an alien hero with the ability to grow to immense size and overpower any challengers. With his massive size and incredible strength, no one can match him in battle.
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Eyes: Humungousaur features captivating glow-in-the-dark eyes, adding an extra level of excitement and mystery to your playtime. Watch as his eyes light up in the dark, creating an immersive atmosphere.
  • Omnitrix Chest Symbol: Displaying the iconic Omnitrix symbol on his chest, Humungousaur proudly showcases his connection to the Ben 10 Alien Force series. This detail adds authenticity and recognition to the character.
  • Height: This LEGO set measures an impressive 9 inches (23cm) tall, making Humungousaur a substantial figure in your collection. His size enhances the play experience and makes him stand out among other LEGO sets.
  • Collectible Set: The LEGO - Ben 10 Alien Force - Humungousaur - 8517 is part of a larger collection. Collect all six LEGO Ben 10 Alien Force sets to unlock the full potential of your imagination. Combine the sets to create your own unique super alien heroes and embark on thrilling adventures.