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LEGO - Bionicle - Lewa - 8535

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Product Description

In 2001, the 8535 Lewa construction set was released by Lego. This set has 36 pieces and is part of the Bionicle series. Lewa comes in 2 editions with the 2nd edition having the code 8535-2 and a mini CD-Rom.

Lewa is part of the Bionicle series that was discontinued in 2010. The Bionicle series has 30 building sets released in 2001. Bionicle was planned as the first Lego series with a back story and universe.

Its characters are shaped like humanoids. They are action figures with attachable limbs that have joints with balls and sockets. 

Despite its humanoid appearance, it's clear that Lewa is not a human, but a sort of a robot instead. One of its arms is longer than the other. The longer arm ends in what looks like an ax instead of a hand with fingers. The shorter arm has 2 prongs instead of hands. 

Lewa is less flexible compared to other similar figurines. However, you can easily swap its helmet for others.