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LEGO - Bionicle - Mistika Krika - 8694

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Product Description

In 2008, Mistika Krika was released by Lego as part of the Bionicle series. The series was first launched in the year 2000 but was discontinued after 10 years. Unlike other previous Lego releases, this one was the first one to focus on a theme and its own universe, lore, and everything else related. 

Krika has 40 pieces to put together. Its color scheme is black and white with a dash of red. One of its best features is that it combines very well with the Kirop set. Like this, players get to have more action, thus more fun with Lego. 

Once you have Krika assembled you'll be faced with a creature that is 23 cm or 9 inches tall. This figurine has front claws that are poisonous as well. These front claws are also very long at 20 cm or 7.8 inches.

Krika and Toa Nuva are enemies. The former also has a weapon, the Nynrah Ghost Blaster. This blaster actually fires, and combined with its poisonous claws, Krika is a deadly opponent for Toa Nuva.