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LEGO - City - Fire Ladder Truck - 60107

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Product Description

Introducing the LEGO City Fire Ladder Truck - 60107! Join the heroic firefighters and embark on a thrilling rescue mission with this action-packed building set.


  • Includes 2 minifigures: a courageous female firefighter and a skilled male firefighter, ready to tackle any emergency.

  • The Fire Ladder Truck is equipped with an extending ladder and a powerful hose, essential tools for extinguishing fires and saving the day.

  • Move the Fire Ladder Truck swiftly to the scene of the emergency and position it strategically to gain an advantage over the flames.

  • Extend the ladder to reach high-rise buildings and use the hose to unleash a stream of water elements, combating the fire and preventing it from spreading.

  • With the stud-shooting function, shoot the water elements with precision, enhancing the realism and excitement of the firefighting experience.

  • Keep a close eye on the oil barrel, ensuring it doesn't explode and cause further chaos. Your quick actions can save the city from disaster!

  • Enhance the play experience with accessory elements including a fire extinguisher, shovel, circular saw, water studs, and an axe.

  • The Fire Ladder Truck is designed with attention to detail and measures over 3 inches (8cm) in height, 7 inches (20cm) in length, and 1 inch (5cm) in width.

  • This LEGO set provides endless opportunities for imaginative play, fostering creativity, and teaching the importance of teamwork and bravery.