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LEGO [Creator Expert] - Corner Garage (10264)

LEGO [Creator Expert] - Corner Garage (10264)

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Product Description


Experience the excitement of the LEGO Creator Expert 10264 Corner Garage, a multi-level modular building filled with surprises.


  • Diverse Minifigures: The set includes 6 minifigures, each bringing a unique character to the scene. You'll find a gas station owner, mechanic, vet, woman, man, and a girl. In addition, there are adorable figures of a bunny, parrot, dog, frog, and fish.

  • Detailed Building: This 3-level advanced building set boasts a detailed 1950s-style facade with gas station signage, windows, bay windows, an arched doorway, a roll-up vehicle workshop door, a decorative roofline, and a rooftop terrace. The exterior is further enhanced with a sidewalk area featuring a tree and an ornate streetlamp.

  • Ground Level: The ground level features a charming gas station with a bucket and a fuel pump equipped with a flexible hose. There's also a kiosk and a vehicle workshop for car service and repairs, complete with a cash register, tool rack, trolley, oil drum, tire mounter, and a working vehicle lift.

  • Mid-Level Animal Clinic: The mid-level is dedicated to an animal clinic, featuring an examination table, parrot perch, fish tank, and a waiting area with a sofa, armchair, table, and flowerpot. The animal doctor's desk includes a lamp, microscope, mug, newspaper, envelope, scissors, and a syringe.

  • Upper-Level Apartment: The upper-level houses a well-equipped apartment with a kitchen where cookies are baked in the oven. The kitchen also features a sink, pan, mug, salt and pepper shakers, spoon, and spatula. The apartment includes a sofa, a bed, an old-fashioned TV, and a bathroom with a toilet.

  • Rooftop Terrace: The rooftop terrace is a delightful space with a sun lounger, parasol, and a charming flower garden.

  • Functional Tow Truck: A tow truck is included, featuring a working hoist.

  • Accessory Elements: Accessory elements in the set include a window squeegee and a crash helmet.

  • Interactive Features: Enjoy interactive elements such as helping the gas station assistant fill up the 1950s-style scooter and rolling up the door to access Jo's vehicle workshop, complete with a tire mounter and working vehicle lift.

  • Decorated Elements: New-for-January-2019 decorated elements include an animal clinic window, a service station sign, and a printed octane gas pump.

  • Special Elements: The set also includes new-for-January-2019 black ice skates, a 2x6x2 window in sand blue, 1x1 medium gray roof tiles, 1x1 angle plate in dark blue, and rare dark-orange elements in various shapes and sizes.

  • Expand Your Town: Collect and build an entire town with other LEGO Creator Expert Modular Buildings, including the 10243 Parisian Restaurant, 10255 Assembly Square, and 10260 Downtown Diner.

  • Extensive Piece Count: This set comprises over 2,560 pieces, offering a rewarding and challenging building experience.

  • Impressive Dimensions: The Corner Garage measures over 12” (32cm) high, 10” (26cm) wide, and 9” (25cm) deep, while the tow truck stands over 2” (6cm) high, 5” (14cm) long, and 1” (5cm) wide.

Product Information


Fandom: LEGO

Manufacturer: LEGO

Item Weight: 6.7 pounds

Item UPC: 5702016368253

About the Manufacturer


LEGO Products, synonymous with creativity and play, offers an extensive range of building sets and merchandise that captivate the imagination of fans of all ages. As a globally recognized brand, LEGO has solidified its place in the world of construction toys, inspiring builders to create and explore through its iconic interlocking bricks. From themed sets based on popular franchises to innovative and educational products, LEGO's diverse portfolio caters to a broad spectrum of interests, providing endless opportunities for imaginative play and learning. As a retailer, we are proud to offer LEGO Products, allowing enthusiasts to experience the joy of building and storytelling with these timeless and beloved construction toys.

Renowned for its unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, LEGO Products has become a symbol of creativity and childhood joy worldwide. The company collaborates with various intellectual property owners to bring to life officially licensed sets that resonate authentically with fans. Each LEGO product is a testament to the brand's dedication to fostering creativity and imagination in individuals of all ages. As a retailer, we are delighted to provide access to LEGO's diverse and high-quality offerings, allowing customers to explore their creativity and build memorable experiences with these iconic, interlocking bricks.

About the Fandom


The LEGO fandom extends beyond the construction of plastic bricks to encompass a wide array of merchandise, including video games, movies, and licensed products. LEGO's foray into video games began in 1997 with titles like Lego Creator and Lego Racers, eventually expanding to include beloved franchises such as Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Marvel superheroes. These games allow fans to immerse themselves in virtual worlds filled with iconic characters and settings, combining the creativity of LEGO building with interactive storytelling.

In addition to video games, LEGO has produced a series of blockbuster films, starting with The Lego Movie in 2014. These movies, including spin-offs like The Lego Batman Movie and The Lego Ninjago Movie, bring the beloved plastic bricks to life on the big screen, captivating audiences of all ages with their humor, heart, and stunning animation. Furthermore, LEGO's collaboration with licensed properties extends to merchandise beyond toys, including clothing lines, books, and magazines. Through these partnerships, LEGO enthusiasts can express their love for their favorite franchises in various ways, from wearing LEGO-themed apparel to reading books and magazines featuring their beloved characters.

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