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LEGO - Creator Expert - Downtown Diner - 10260

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Product Description

Step into the LEGO Creator Expert Downtown Diner - Set 10260 and explore a world where music meets mouthwatering fun. This exceptional model offers an immersive building experience with a touch of nostalgia.


  • Diverse Minifigures: The set includes 6 minifigures, including a chef, waitress, boxer, rock star, manager, and bodybuilder, each adding character to this lively scene.

  • Detailed Exterior: The three-level Downtown Diner features a meticulously detailed exterior with pink-and-teal Streamline Moderne styling and a prominent 'DINER' sign. You'll find arched windows, a decorative roofline, balconies, an external staircase, and even an opening skylight. The set also includes a pink 1950s-style convertible.

  • Ground Level Diner: The ground level recreates the ambiance of a 1950s American diner, complete with a large curved front window, red barstools, jukebox, candy machine, counter, soda dispensers, benches, and an open-plan kitchen featuring a coffee machine, stove, and cooker hood.

  • Mid-Level Gym: The middle level is home to a fully equipped gym with a boxing ring, punching bag, weight training room, water dispenser, and a wall clock.

  • Upper-Level Recording Studio: On the upper level, you'll find a recording studio featuring a vocal booth, soundproofed walls, a mixing desk, and a refreshments cabinet.

  • Interactive Play: Hop into the stylish convertible and head to the diner for fast food and music. Watch the chef prepare delicious dishes while the roller-skating waitress takes orders.

  • Accessory Elements: The set includes roller skates, a guitar, a Golden Record award, and a buildable barbell.

  • Removable Building Sections: For easy access to the detailed interior, you can remove the building sections.

  • Impressive Piece Count: This set comprises over 2,480 pieces, offering a rewarding building experience suitable for ages 16+.

  • Special Decorations: Enjoy new-for-January-2018 decorated elements, including a decorated door, album cover, teal and pink elements, and a dual-face minifigure with singing and smiling expressions.

  • Unique Elements: Special elements include new-for-January-2018 flower stalks, flower heads, 1x3 'jumper' plates, 2x2 plates with 2 studs, and a minifigure torso with boxing gloves.

  • Expand Your Town: The Downtown Diner is part of the LEGO Creator Expert Modular Buildings series, allowing you to collect and build an entire town with sets like the 10243 Parisian Restaurant, 10246 Detective’s Office, 10251 Brick Bank, and 10255 Assembly Square.

  • Impressive Dimensions: The finished model stands over 13” (34cm) high, 9” (25cm) wide, and 9” (25cm) deep, making it a substantial and eye-catching addition to your LEGO collection.

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