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LEGO - Dino - Dino Defense HQ - 5887

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Product Description

Unleash epic prehistoric battles with the LEGO Dino Defense HQ - 5887.


  • 4 Hero Minifigures: This set includes four hero minifigures, ready for action at the Dino Defense HQ.

  • Diverse Dinosaur Lineup: With a T-Rex, Raptor, and Coelophysis, you'll have a variety of dinosaurs to contend with in your epic battles.

  • Helicopter and Car: The set includes a helicopter and car, providing the mobility your heroes need for dino defense.

  • Dino Defense HQ: The HQ features opening gates, a moving crane with a net, flick missiles, a communications center, a laboratory, a helicopter landing pad, a refilling station, and three flick missiles, creating a bustling hub of activity.

  • Prepare for Attack: Close the gates and prepare for the dino attack. Your heroes must be on high alert!

  • Capture Dinosaurs: Use the crane and net to capture the dinos and prevent them from running amok.

  • Dimensions: The Dino Defense HQ measures 13 inches (33cm) wide and 8 inches (20cm) tall, providing a substantial headquarters for your heroes. The car is 2 inches (5cm) wide and 4 inches (10cm) long, while the helicopter measures 7 inches (17cm) long, 2 inches (5cm) tall, and 5 inches (12cm) wide. The T-Rex stands at an impressive 11 inches (27cm) long and 4 inches (10cm) tall. The Raptor is over 3 inches (7cm) tall and 5 inches (12cm) wide, and the Coelophysis measures over 2 inches (5cm) tall and 3 inches (7cm) long.

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